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    Cosmetic implements

    Out of curiosity, are there any festival/bartered implements that can be overlayed on a spear? I know you can put things like cornstalks, pretzels, the basket of apples, etc. over swords, axes, maces, clubs, or whatever other one-handed weapon you're wielding, yet you can't do that with a spear.

    I could always use another weapon that works, but it would take the fun out of the outfit I have planned.

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    I have never tried it, but if there are any, they should be shaped like a pole, that is shovels, pitchforks, and if it existed (unfortunately it doesn't), a broom.

    Edit: I just see that the shovel and the pitchfork from the Mathom House are both two-handed, which means they cannot serve as a cosmtic for a spear. Which leaves the shovel from the cosmetics barterer of the skirmish camp as the only possibility, that is, if it is working at all.

    Also, I have no idea if a Giant Flower would do it. Time to run a test.

    Edit 2: I tried both and got the same tooltip. 'This item is of type cosmetic while your equipped item is of type spear. The cosmetic item will not be shown.'

    Looks like the devs completely forgot about the possibility that a long item could be used as a cosmetic replacement for a spear...

    Greetings, Polymachos
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