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    Keybinds per character

    So, we now have that magic save UI thing, any chance of letting us have individual keybinds for each character? It's annoying having them all combined, as all the classes have much different ways of chaining skills together.
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    Re: Keybinds per character


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    Re: Keybinds per character

    You only have one key mapping table. If I want to have the letter "L" mean activate quick slot 12 for Thamin. If I want to have the letter "L" mean activate quick slot 15 for Foros. You can not do this. The letter "L" has to be bound to the same function for all 10 of my characters.

    There is a crude way to do this. Each time I change characters I can overwrite the game key map with thamin_key or foros_key ... When I update a key map. I have to copy it back to the correct character key map file.
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    Re: Keybinds per character

    I have a whole bunch of .bat files for each character I use to change keybindings.

    It means having to quit and log back in again, but it works.
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    Re: Keybinds per character

    I suppose you could also use different Windows accounts for each character, so that you have a different My Docs\TLOTRO\ directory for each one. (ugly ugly ugly, and possibly a waste of disk space depending upon what's cached there. I'm not sure.)

    The fact that per-character binds aren't available was one of the most surprising things in coming to LOTRO. Especially given the limited quickbars and lack of bar-paging or dynamic contexts.
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    Re: Keybinds per character

    I just move my skills to the right slot to make the hotkey work, not worrying about how they are arranged physically.


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    Re: Keybinds per character

    For what it is worth...
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    Re: Keybinds per character

    Is this still true or has Turbine done something about it? I use keybinds, but like to have my reactive skills arranged a certain way for each particular class. I'm still unable to find any new information on this.

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    Re: Keybinds per character

    Quote Originally Posted by johnBusau01 View Post
    Is this still true or has Turbine done something about it? I use keybinds, but like to have my reactive skills arranged a certain way for each particular class. I'm still unable to find any new information on this.
    Still one file. You can easily keep versions of it to swap but its a single file. It should not be a problem for skills - those keys should be ok for any toon (???). For example, I bound the i key to interrupt, so for my champ that is clobber, for my burg its addle, and thats fine but both toons have the 'i' key bound to skill bar slot # 53 or whatever it is. Likewise the '`' key (next to 1) is very different for each toon, warden that is do gambit, burg, that is counter defense. So the idea is to bind the keys you like to use (can hit easily with your hands from your setup) and put the skills on them for each toon that makes sense to you. This should be possible and a fairly clean setup.

    Where it breaks down is moving around the keys to do interface stuff, such as your char screen or inventory or whatever. If you want 'B' to open all your bags on your minst but to do raging blades on your champ, you are out of luck because once you bind it for the bags it will stick to that for every character and be unusable for skills. If you want to do THAT sort of thing all that is left is to swap the files.

    If you do not know batch files, you might like to learn them. Basically, make a text file NOT RICH TEXT, PURE TEXT, and rename the extension to .bat. The dos commands that are in that file will be executed. If you are totally clueless about this, text files end in .txt extension and can be made and edited with notepad. Wordpad by default will make rich text files which do not work (they have hidden font and other tags like HTML).

    Something like this, for say a file RK.bat:

    xcopy /y my_rk_setup.file turbines_file_name.file

    I do not know the file names used by turbine, but the above would copy the master RK file to the default and "in use" file name that the LOTRO client uses. The /y keeps it from asking if you want to overwrite the file each time, which is annoying.

    then, exit the game, double click the .bat file for the toon you want to play, restart, and its set up for you.

    To create a master file for each toon, log in, customize it, and save the changed bind file to a new name (this would be the above my_rk_setup.file or something).
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