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    Re: Offical Creep War-Tab thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by IceDragon02 View Post
    Sorry I think Nopain's got you burnt (as well as a few others). But as far as posted so far - yup
    Hiya Ice /waves

    Note: This post is just a general response, not specifically directed to your post Ice, even though I quoted it. You just motivated me to reply :-)

    hehe I actually have fewer KB's (especially considering I have double the infamy) although there are definitely other Defilers out there who have more. It's a bit of an ongoing joke that it's hard to get a KB around me (kind of like joking about the uberness of our Flies) but it actually isn't that common. That is mostly due to my play style however. I spend more time healing and rezzing others, even when I am running solo, than I do trying to damage Freeps. Getting a KB is more amusement value for me than anything else, and I don't actively attempt to gain them. What can I say, I enjoy playing my Defiler as a Healer rather than a lean-mean-DPSing-machine Although when running my damage build I do have the occassional good day/night where I might get a massive 10 KB's!

    Admittedly since MoM came out I have gotten a LOT more KB's than before, but that is because of the change to game play. Pre-MoM there would be days that went by that I never used a single damaging attack, whereas these days I run a damage build more frequently (as there is a lot more solo/small group play) so I use my damaging attacks more often. It stands to reason if you attack more you are going to get more KB's than if you rarely attack at all, even if many of them are just from lucky DoT's *giggles*

    This month I have gained ~100 KB's. Last month I gained ~260 KB's. It varies depending on current game play and how much time I have free to spend in the Moors. I am currently sitting at 707/2500, so I imagine I should get Harvester of Sorrow some time next year. And I am perfectly fine with that. I love healing, that's why I play a Defiler. Sure getting a KB usually makes me giggle, but that is due to the novelty factor (which has yet to wear off even though I am Rank 11!). If I wanted KB's, I'd actively strive to obtain them. Or better yet, I'd play my BA or Reaver
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