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Thread: Corruptions

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    Lightbulb Corruptions

    Since the arrival of essence gear and jewelry, the freeps can easily cap there stats, both offensive and defensive ones.

    Therefore, to help balance the fights, adding the number of corruption that creeps can slot for the same amount of slot essences freeps can slot, would be a great start in accomplishing just that.

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    or, much simpler, buff them so they actually do something.
    using 6 mastery corruptions and doing 15% more damage is quite sad, if as a freep, you get doubled or tripled damage if you go full offense.
    maybe i exaggerate, as i dont pvmp much, but last time i looked, the corruptions were pretty worthless compared to gearing freepcharacters.

    imo, going from 0 to 6 offensive corruptions should double your done damage, while going from 0 to 6 defensive ones should half your taken damage. as it is, the effect is much smaller which makes all creeps the same (unless they are lowrank and dont have highrank skills (through store or eventbarters), then creeps are pretty useless).

    and using crit corruptions should rise critmult a lot. critting is quite useless if critdef reduces crit to normal hits anyway.
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