I suggested custom or semi-custom logos for the "fluff" options in the solicited feature questionaire. Then I realized that this might work better as a kinship option.

I'm thinking here of a monochrome bitmap (black with 8-bit alpha channel) that could be applied wherever there were two colors or textures (such as a cloak main and trim color) or rendered as a watermark or relief carving. It could also be applied to the signature logo for forum posts.

A kinship officer (or perhaps just the leader) could upload a logo bitmap image that would define the kinship's arms. This could appear over the kinship house front door or carved into the threshold, inside as a decoration (such as a tapestry) and as a watermark on kinship-wide mails.

Also, when players went to the barber, they could choose to have their kinship's logo on their cloak, shield or chest. I guess in the most general case, each piece of armor would have to have a "logo area" defined and that could be rendered with the kin logo.

The biggest objection to allowing player-uploaded logos will be worry about a flood of inappropriate artwork. However, by tying it to a kinship, perhaps as a feature of only max-rank kinships, it would be a lot more controllable.

A large list of existing logos is not a great answer since it will have the problem that kinships won't have unique logos. I'd rather have a vetting process (perhaps with a small fee like that for kinship rename) than a fixed set of logos.