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    Couple of questions on Kinships

    So are kinships a very big part of the game? I know in many other MMOs, "guilds" or "kinships" are definitely very big parts of the game. I know that LOTRO is largely PvE, and that most of it can be soloed, but outside of that are a lot of people in kinships? Are there a ton of kinship groups? How "open" are the doors to most kinships? Again in some other MMOs, this obviously varies. In a game like Guild Wars, guilds can range from very high populations that try to recruit every member possible to smaller much more close-knit populations that can be extremely selective. Does the same hold true here? Are there any good kinships to join that are fairly open-doored with friendly and helpful members?

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    Re: Couple of questions on Kinships

    Kinships change from server to server, some are very elitist (if you aren't the best of the best they won't talk to you) and some are the opposite...relaxed, just having fun, raiding, whatnot. Overall, I would way most people join kins. Some servers this is more true than others, and it is not a social requirement by any means. If you are a social person who enjoys the company of others, then it is a good way to make friends. If not, then you can do as you wish, but for group content, you will need to PUG (pick up game) and cooperation within PUG's is legendary for being iffy. That being said, if you look around, see which kins are doing what and how they do things, you can usually find a good group of friends this way. If you don't like it, there is always the quit kin button. good luck!
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    Re: Couple of questions on Kinships

    Check out the forums for your server, and you'll see a lot of the kinships that are recruiting, and those who have recruited in the past. Unlike WoW, most kinships here are not heavy into raiding, and you don't see as many situations where a casual kinship breaks up because the leader decides he wants to start being a raider or other drama.

    You don't need a kinship to group with, and being in a kinship does not mean you'll be grouping with them all the time. In this game it is perfectly viable to use pick up groups for just about everything (even raids in the Shadows of Angmar days, somewhat in Moria, not so sure about Mirkwood). There are even some raiders and regular instance runners who are not in kinships. The populace of WoW tended to shun PUGs because the fights there are harder and there were too many immature or critical players.

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    Re: Couple of questions on Kinships

    Sorry if I sound like an idiot. I'm really new to this. But where does one find the forum for their server?

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    Re: Couple of questions on Kinships

    A the top of this forum page on the left-hand side, click the butterscotch colored underlined link that's entitled "The Lord of the Rings Online Forums".

    When that comes up, look on the left-hand side of the forums and scroll down until you see the word "Servers". Then scroll down more to find your server name and click the Kinships link for that server.

    And you don't sound like an idiot, just new to this whole thing. Not to worry, most of us that post answers here are nice folks that try to be helpful. I'd rather you ask a "silly" question than that your ability to search around and play the game is inhibited by not asking.
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