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    Firefoot raiding group recruiting! :D

    Hi all, I am an "officer" in a new and growing raiding group we affectionately call "Super PUG!" It basically started out as a way for some us friends in smaller kins to run some raids without having to LFF pug all the time.

    Anyway, we are looking to expand our member base. Currently our members predominantly play evenings and weekends USA time. We are taking all classes and raiding experience players (we are currently requiring lvl 59+ for Turtle and Watcher).

    We have a pretty straightforward and fair DKP and looting system. We will not let someone roll for an alt before your main, regardless of DKP.

    Feel free to sign up and check out the basic info at the Super PUG! website http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.asp...&TabID=2552976 , or ask any questions here. Our current short term goals are to get the Turtle down in a consistent fashion (once or twice a week even!)

    Current officers:

    -Halendir (CaptainDerelond on Guildportal)
    -Flippy (Thrandril on Guildportal)

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    Re: Firefoot raiding group recruiting! :D

    Super Pug on Firefoot took down the turtle last night (4/29). For those of you interested in group make-up/strats/loot, I present the following:

    3 Champions
    2 Minstrels
    2 Captains
    2 Hunters
    1 Guardian
    1 Burglar
    1 Loremaster

    A brief overview of strat we used:

    -Burglar Enraged turtle

    -at the beginning of fight, both Minstrels hit "Song of Aid", then one of the captains popped "Wrath of the Oathbreakers" so we could come out shooting

    -we tried to stay as bunched up as we could to help facilitate the healers, with the hunters just far enough away that their auto-attacks would be ranged dps

    -at about the 2/3 mark of the fight (5-6 minutes or approx 250k morale) one of the captains would hit Last Stand/In Harms Way

    -when Last Stand/In Harms way was up, the minstrels coordinated it so that the minstrel from group 1 would hit Fellowships Heart while the minstrel in group 2 helped cross heal, and then group 2 minstrel would hit Fellowships Heart and group 1 minstrel would cross heal

    -we ended the fight with just a few fatalities (one of the hunters and the loremaster is all I can recall for sure)


    1st age hunter's bow
    2nd age hunter's spear
    Teal Filikul Spear (actually called a javelin, even though it's a spear???)
    2x Platinum Coin of Resolve (unfortunately we all had leggings , doh!)
    5x item xp runes
    1x silver setting
    Turtle Head house trophy
    approx 105 silver each



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