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    Few questions regarding Kins

    I've searched, and couldn't find the answer, so I figured I'd ask the knowledgeable peoples of the game.

    First of all, here's my situation. I created a kin...I have all 7 of my characters in the kin, and my friend borrowed me one of her characters to give that 8th character needed to create the kin.

    Nothing special there...I am hoping to lure a few real life friends into the game, and planned on starting the kin with them, and recruiting after that point...I established my kin mainly to get the name, and to start the timer ticking on getting a kinhouse.

    So, the time is here, less than 3 weeks til I can buy a kinhouse. Great! One small problem, tho. My friend is quitting LOTRO for the time being.

    So, will she be removed from the kin list when her account lapses? How long does that take if so?

    If people are not removed, do they stay in the kin forever, unless kicked out, regardless of their sub being active or not?

    I know the kin leaders time played and account status are tracked as far as successors and usurping go, but I didn't read anything in the FAQ or lorebook, or even on the forums, stating how the average member or non-leader counts towards that 8 as it regards to account status (active/lapsed)

    If I need to borrow a warm body to hold the kinhouse door open, I don't think that's a problem, but at the same time, I'm curious how that aspect of things work.

    Any answers and experiences would be most appreciated.
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    Re: Few questions regarding Kins

    As far as I know as long as they do not delete their character or remove them manually from the kin before they leave you should be fine.

    I have a decent size kin and for various reasons left some people in the kinship for right under a year. They were inactive, some for medical and others for financial. Right now we even have a student that is taking a short break from the game that let his account lapse for sure (we still talk in vent) and his name and alts are still in our kinship.

    I do not know how long, if there is a time frame, that players would be removed from a kinship. Right now there is nothing set in place to remove abandoned houses from inactive players so...you never know.

    But yeah, like I said...you should be fine as long as they do not remove/delete their character.



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