Recruitment Status: Always OPEN
Kinship Rank: 10 (We've been around since Closed Beta)
Kinship House: 1 High Road, Mellinch, Bree-Land Homesteads page: DBS BlackSheep

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Age requirement: None. We do not restrict on the basis of age. We have members whose ages range from 15 to 70 and everyone gets along just fine. Median age is 30+ so I guess that makes us "adult"

Note: 'Adult' to us means mature and responsible. Not 'we swear like drunken sailors at every opportunity'. Kin and Voice Chat are PG-13.

How to Join: We don't have an application (this is a game not a job) and we don't require interviews (again, game not job). All we ask is you read our Rules. If you agree, Just send a PM here or Request an invitation on our forums.
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What we expect:

This is a game remember? And games are supposed to be fun. This is our #1 goal and has been for nearly a decade.

If you feel you deserve respect, then remember every person you meet is equally deserving. Whether a member of this kin or not.

What we offer
  • Fun, Family friendly atmosphere
  • In and out of game friendships
  • Anual Real life Get togethers (GT09 is in two weeks!)
  • Crafters in every discipline. If you need it, odds are a kinnie can make it.
  • A Centrally located (Bree) Kin House
  • Community Property Chests open to all members.
  • Over 280 members with over 650 toons of all levels to help out with quests or just chat.
  • Weekly Scheduled (Helegrod, Rift, Vile Maw, Turtle) and unscheduled (CD, URU, BG, Moria) Raids
  • Moria 6 and 3 man instance runs
  • Regular Epic Book runs (Both Vol 1 and Vol 2)
  • Regular Ettenmoors events (creep and freep)
  • Kinship events geared for all levels. Scavenger hunts, Freeze tag, Fun runs and more!
  • Ventrilo (Optional)
  • Active forums
  • Kinship Portal with Character Management for all members
What you will never find here
  • Forced participation
  • Play requirements
  • Elitism
  • An empty Kin. We have members around the world. We never sleep.
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A little About us:
We'll be celebrating our 8th Anniversary in June 2009! We've been in LOTRO since closed beta, and our members have experience in a number of games including FFXI, Eve, SWG, EQ2, WoW, EQ, DAoC, and even MxO (yeah we know). And many FPS games as well.

Our kinmates are our friends. We're made up of IRL families, friends and co-workers, friends who met in game and became IRL friends. We share Holidays and special events together, in game and out of game, whenever we can.

A new guild member on day one is treated no differently than a long time vet. We'll pick on you just as much

Questions? Contact an officer : Airamis, Airstophanes, Dagazs, Verem, Justis, Tamandra, Zaladin, Budbundy, Quen, Tyrandir, Adoros, Nairne, Redsquall, Kreshnek, Patswin, Hathaway, Marilor, Galil, Kreshnek, Jenevieve, Wylder, Adoros, Fereleth, Oliacien, Thomathir, Sasil, Rohon, Torasin, Kamryn Shougman, Spacehamster.

You can reach us in game by Joining our custom chat channel DBS. just use /joinchannel DBS and say hey!