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    Player looking for a good kin. :)

    Hey, i am in the position where i am looking for a kin to play content and pvp with. (It doesnt matter what server your kin is on, if you think ill be a good fit send me a pm, if i do transfer it would be a minstrel.)

    I have played lotro for a while and have loved the game so far, book 7 was a disapointment but we move on. I have been kinless for about 4 months or so, reasons well everyone has reasons at first i looked for a kin but than decided to just play it solo for a while and relax also I didnt find a kin that really was what i wanted and fit my lifestyle due to time issues.

    What im looking for is a raiding kin really but not to the point its required of you to raid. Casual i guess but its hard to put casual and raiding kin together Pvp is another thing i love to do. Raids really arnt my thing so i solo mostly and duo sometimes as well. its alot of fun and i would like the kin to be a little interested in Pvp.

    My characters are Rubiesd, 60 minstrel.. I spend most of my time on the minstrel but my first character was Esdumby hence the forum name. He is a 60 Guardian. I also have a 50 Captain and a newly rolled champion so her level is always changing. I would say Rubiesd is my main i guess. She gets most playtime but that doesnt mean im not willing to use my other characters for raids or fellowships once they are leveled. Each character is important to me and none of them are above the other (well maybe gildid is the lowest . captains...)

    I have been contemplating a server transfer to another server for pvp reasons but as we all know pvp is just a little messed up right now so if i do transfer a good kin to join would be great.

    if this sounds like what your kin is or need more info pm here or mail in game if your on elendilmir. Thanks for reading and goodluck ingame and out of game.
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    Re: Player looking for a good kin. :)

    Myself and Callquinta just opened a knew kin on the windfola server called "Lords of the Light" if you are interested my LOTR name character is Theresaann as second in command and the Leader is Callquinta if you are interested...Hope you will join

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    Re: Player looking for a good kin. :)

    star i joni pm vashah



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