Server: Firefoot
Kinship: Knights of Elendil

KoE is recruiting:

While our members actively participate together in raids, PvMP, and role-play; it should be understood that we, as a kinship, are not "hardcore" about any particular aspect of the game. Instead, we strive to recruit only "mature" players, and provide them with the resources to organize such activities.

We have built a kin of very fun, but mature players, who enjoy grouping up, helping each other out, and want to see all that the game has to offer.

Come check us out at:

Try us out for a 2 weeks - if it's not a good fit - no hard feelings! Please contact Saellwen, Archaicmight, Varele, Pistil, Aranaranadan or find any one of our other officers. The best way would probably be to send an in game mail or tell to one of the names listed above though... Looking forward to meeting you!