ShadowBane is a rank 10 kinship made up of active, friendly and skilled players that enjoy all aspects of the LOTRO game environment. We are a moderate size kinship, currently recruiting active players of all classes. We have players of all levels, enjoy outstanding relationships with other kinships, and participate in casual quests as well as raids. We are not an RP kinship but are closely affiliated with The Green Company, a full on RP group that has been well established since beta, and you are welcome to participate in their events or place an alt in their kinship as long as you remain active.

Players enjoy all the benefits of an established kinship, including kin hall, fully stocked treasury for use by all players, kinship auctions, and Supreme Master crafters in all professions willing and able to outfit kin members in gear that they need for whatever level of play they are interested in. We have players at all levels and in all classes and professions eager to help each other out. We prefer adult players 18+ but primarily are looking for mature acting people that are loyal and helpful to one another.

Interested? Please visit our website or contact an officer (listed on website) to join.