We are called "Shalk Burgûl", or 'those who are shadowed' in the Black Speech. We are a kin of players seeking to bring something different to Landroval - a group of servants dedicated to the cause of the Lidless Eye, the Enemy himself. We act as spies and couriers in Eriador, monitoring the so-called Faithful, the despised Eldar, and our own erstwhile allies, the servants of the White Hand.

OOCly, we are a heavy RP, heavy lore kinship, but are relaxed and friendly. Skilled RPers are what we're looking for - knowledge of the lore is not a prerequisite, a desire for good RP within the world Tolkien created is. We will act as foils for the various 'gallant' kins out there, hatching plots in darkened corners, subverting malcontents to our banner, and generally doing evil minionish stuff. So if you've ever had the urge to play a character a broken moral compass, give us a shout.

And we now have a website!

The Flower of the East
Second-Herald of the Mouth of Sauron

(ignore the elfy character below...)