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    Landroval: Valar Guild

    The Valar Guild http://valarguild.org, which began October 4, 1997 as a haven in Diablo 1, is for Tolkien book fans who have read at least Lord of the Rings and enjoy friendly, courteous play. We have casuals, crafters, raiders, and some pvmp.
    A simple entry quiz over the Lord of the Rings is required although it may be taken multiple times; deeper discussion is for later. We found LotRO the natural place for us and settled in happily.

    Our LotRO branch started officially at the beginning of the first beta, re-starting each time the world did. We are now on Landroval server at rank 10 with a kinhouse near Thorin's Hall.
    Due to our unique set-up, we take any level or race. Many of us enjoy crafting as well as gaming together. We run quests, books, and high-level instances according to which members are on, and sometimes group across the world just to be together.

    We have a friend channel in LotRO and other games, but please keep it clean as well. This helps us find each other when we make new alts or if we have cross-kinned characters. It also lets guild friends join up with us even if they never join the kinship, as long as they are courteous and don't mind being around Tolkien chat. Full members are welcome in any branch of any game we play.

    The overall guild also includes Tolkien-onlies who don't game but like to add to our over Tolkien Site. Any of us may do so

    Sundays at 5pm EDT on AIM some of us meet from across games to talk gaming and Tolkien, and to make officers available to the overall guild. Whisper VardaValar1.

    To recognize each other across so many platforms - various games over the years, various chat programs over time, in the Tolkien Site, in the Forum - each member chooses a "primary name". This is the name of a particular character from any of Tolkien's stories not in use by another member. This allows not only recognition but instant relationships with all other members as we may meet someone who is a brother, friend, or "enemy". The name is placed in the Note so we can recognize each other on any character. Much joking fun is had this way and it increases our awareness of the stories with our unique style of light RP (role-play).

    Entry names may be anything not a Maia or Vala, as those are for later. This includes dwarves, orcs, elves, hobbits, dragons, ents, and even humans.

    LotROmail or /w Fainan in-game, or email to varda.elentari@gmail.com to ask about joining.
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    Re: Landroval: Valar Guild

    Just a plug here, these are good folks. If you're on Landroval, you can also give me a buzz and I'll put you in contact with the right folks.

    -The Gneech
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    Yes, we're still active, still requiring Full Members to have read LotR and to be those that enjoy courteous, friendly play. We still maintain and add to the Tolkien Site.

    For rp, we are the spirits (fëar) of those who lived on Arda, now at the end time before the re-making of Arda. We cannot remake the world as Eru intends until we have learned how to sing aright with understanding of all folk. Thus we are sent into various bodies for learning, recognizing and telepathically communicating with other spirits on the same mission.

    We also play casually, as raiders, as crafters, and some as pvmp'ers. If it's in the game, we're there.

    LotRO mail Fainan or send a tell. Any member online can help with contact.

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