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    Evenstar Kinship - Our doors are always open.

    Welcome travelers of Middle-earth! Are you wandering the world alone, looking for a place to call home? Well come inside and rest a bit from the cold. We may just be the place you've been looking for.

    Evenstar is one of the longest running kinships on Vilya. Founded back in April of 2007, our group started out as a bunch of naive explorers working together to find our way in this new world. In the early days, we worked our way up to making a harrowing and death defying, yet fun, dash to see Rivendell as a Kinship. Now, we are experienced enough to take on just about any of the larger challenges in Middle-earth and live to tell the tale.

    We have remained a small closer-knit kinship since the very start, which leads to a more family like atmosphere. Many of our players are quite casual ones, taking their time and enjoying their journey through the world of Middle-earth. Each member is encouraged to take on the world at their own pace. There is no pressure to reach the end, as the path there is even more fun! New players are equally welcomed here as old ones. We're glad to help out new players learn their way around the game world.

    It would be important to note that we strive to have a mature kinship and, therefore, have guidelines that members are expected to be mindful of. We also look for players to be around the age of 30 when joining us. However, some exceptions have been made for those who are short of the mark, but show good character. We also have a 60 day recruit stage for all new members, after which a kinship vote will be held to determine the player's full membership status. This is so we may get to know them better. Please keep that in mind.

    If you would like to read more about our kinship and it's various workings, please visit the links below:




    All classes, races, and levels are welcome here. Who you are yourself is what matters most. If you find us to your liking, please feel free to go ahead and create a login on our kinship forums and post an introduction about yourself. Be sure to include your character name so we can find you in game. You should receive a reply in short order, and one of our officers will send you an invite as soon as possible.

    Thank you for reading. May your time in Middle-earth be an enjoyable one!
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