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    Sons of Durin: a Complete Kinship

    About the Dwarf only kinships people have been trying to form. Take it from one that's been there it can't be done successfully. In order for a kinship to flourish and grow all classes are needed to form progressive kinship raids and events. There is no other way to do this except to have your other class/race characters in another kinship, which takes away from what you could be doing with that group of kin mates. So after learning early in the progression of this game, we discovered our history. The Sons of Durin is one of the largest community of players on Nimrodel who have come together for one common goal, to have a good time exploring Middle-earth. The Sons of Durin was founded during open Beta April 2007 on Nimrodel. If you are ready to join a Complete Kinship, not one under construction, then please visit our Kinship Site.



    Our kin has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Our members are mature and friendly, and we have a staggering number of MMO veterans who have either raided and/or led guilds in other games.

    Our kin offers raiding forays into all the latest areas. We also have a large number of experienced raid leaders to easily advance us through completion on multiple events. Our kin has a number of active players in the Ettenmoors, on both sides. We have many high ranked and experienced players who are willing to organise raids for our freep and creepside chapters.

    We have a strong officer structure with Senior officers in charge of each division of kin. Our officers normally meet and are all active in improving the kinship. Our Kinship HOUSE is at 2 Highspires Street, Grorsvoll Thorin's Hall Homestead.

    Kinship Community Etiquette - rules of acceptable behavior

    Policies and Procedure

    * Use of profanity out of context of the occasional casual comment will not be tolerated from SoD members unless you are absolutely certain that it does not bother the other people who you are with. If a conversation bothers someone that conversation must cease or be taken to private chat.
    * SoD members are to treat other members and community with respect both in game and on the forums at all times.
    * Constructive criticism is fine, but negative comments and accusations are not allowed. You should be able to take constructive critisism lightly.
    * Any Kinship disagreements, concerns, or discussions should be done in private chat, Never in a group, raid or kinship chat where others that are not involved will be brought into it. If a problem cannot be resolved it should be escalated to an officer, if the problem still cannot be resolved or there is a problem with an officer it should be escalated to the leader/co-leader or our Leadership Team by way of our kin site.

    Courteous behavior and a commitment to support our growing kinship community are the primary expectations of all our members. It is the policy of the Sons of Durin to deal with infractions of our rules and principles in measurement with the seriousness of the circumstances. While violation of the Sons of Durin’s rules and procedures are usually dealt with on a per incident basis, the seriousness of the infraction and the history of the kinship member involved are taken into consideration when deciding what course of action the kinship’s officer and leader will take. Possible responses to violation of rules and principles include but are not limited to:

    * A private discussion with a kinship officer or leader.
    * If applicable, retribution and/or compensation for items, time, and effort in relation to the incident.
    * Requirement of a “public” apology to the offended persons in the incident.
    * The issuance of a warning against future violation of the same rule(s).
    * The issuance of a warning or demotion against future violations of any rule or policy.
    * Removal from the kinship by a vote. Should the officers online vote to remove you through officer chat, in most cases you will be removed from the kinship permanently. The kinship reserves the right to skip the first and/or second warning if the situation warrants it.

    These responses are subject to change at the discretion of the Sons of Durin officers and/or it’s leaders. By being an existing member or joining the Sons of Durin you agree to the principles, rules, policies and procedures.
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