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    Exclamation New Player Looking for Guild

    Hello Everyone,

    I really hope this is the right category for trying to find a Guild/Kinship. I would like to first post some background information. I am a VET MMO player, my first MMORPG experiance was Everquest (Ruins of Kunark). That to date was the best MMO experiance for me. Now that I am married and work/attend college full time I cant be as hardcore. I am going to college for game design (hobby/dream). I have played WOW, WAR, AOC, EQ2, FF and about 50 or so f2p (free to play) MMORPG's.
    Just recently picked up the MOM since I got bored of playing everything else mentioned above. I just want a casual MMROPG where I can hop on play with friends and not treat the game as a second job or a chore.
    I really enjoy guilds that like to group together for instances or raids and pvp. I have no idea what class to play, nor where to even start. Last time i played this game was the open beta so I would need some help understanding which one would be the best fit for me. I love classes that are needed in groups, but im not a fan of pure healers and tanks. Im more of a buff/dps type of player. I think the Captain may be my best fit.
    So if there are any guilds out there that are looking for an additional member, dont mind helping out as far as how the game works, throw me a response. I plan on sticking with LOTRO for a long while.

    I havent made a higher level character yet...currently testing classes at around 5 atm. So I can still switch servers if the guild isnt on my current one...starts with an L lol sorry i dont remember the rest of it!

    P.S. I prefer mid-size guilds, and I usually play tuesday,thursday nights, afternoon - evening on saturdays and all day sundays.
    P.P.S My family will always come first, so if we raid or group for dungeons please keep this in mind.

    *I am not looking for a hardcore guild*

    -Thanks in advance for any responses, suggestions.

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    Smile Re: New Player Looking for Guild

    Hi Srai,

    Welcome back to LOTRO! A lot has changed since beta, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure out most of the new stuff.

    Sounds like the Captain may be the way to go for you, from what your self-described play style is. I'm a hardcore hunter myself, so I only know it's good to have a healer along when I pull agro off the tank!

    As far as Kinships go, there are many great ones spread across all the servers. I am currently the leader of Allies of the Istari, which is a kinship on the Brandywine server. We are a casual, rank 10 kinship with about 55 members (110 or so characters). We don't schedule a lot of end-game events, but we have alliances with 8 other kinships, many of which do a lot of end-game stuff. This works better for us, as many of our players are only in game once or twice a week, and don't have the time to dedicate to a hard-core end-game kinship. That way, we can still get groups together for some of the harder epic books and end-game content and still be able to help each other for other quests as needed.

    If this sounds interesting, feel free to check out our website at www.istariallies.com or IM Spyros, Spyrandor, Eledhel, Thornadin, Beorthelion, Tisben or Barungo on the Brandywine server and we can get you some more info on our kinship. Even if we're not quite the right kinship for you, feel free to IM any of us with questions!

    See you in Middle-earth!

    ~ Spyro



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