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    New LOTRO trial for existing Turbine account

    A friend of mine recently started playing LOTRO an it look pretty good.

    I have an 3 existing Turbine accounts, 2x DDO since pre-order (1 active on a yearly subscription, and 1 inactive) and another inactive account that my girlfriend used to use. I now have a 4th account so I can post this.

    Is it posible to access the 10 day trial on my existing active Turbine acount? It seems redundant to have multiple accounts to manage if I decide to pay for a subscription. I know I could just use this new account to check out the game an start again if I decide to buy it, but that idea in't really appealing.

    It woudl be nice to be able to request a "Buddy Key" from my exiting account. I can see LOTRO in there, but the only option that it gives is to buy the game.

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    Re: New LOTRO trial for existing Turbine account

    The Buddy key and Trial key cannot be applied to an existing LOTRO subscription. However, you should be able to create a new one, be it a new account or a new subscription to an existing account. Once you have the key, log into your Turbine account and add it. That should create a new subscription on your account. At least I hope that works...

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    Re: New LOTRO trial for existing Turbine account

    There isn't an automatic way to add a LOTRO trial from the website to an existing account (with DDO or AC). However, you could add a buddy key or referral to your existing Turbine account. If you don't know anyone who can give you one, please PM me with your email address and I'm happy to help.

    Do note that you will have to start over, you won't be able to use any characters from your current trial as they can't be moved between subscriptions or accounts.

    For anyone else interested in the same thing, an email to the Account Management department is another option, as they can provide you a key too.
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