I downloaded the trial edition to see what Lord of the Rings was all about.

After patching, I hit play, logged on and selected a server. After a little bit I received the message, game client not found.

There were a few posts with similiar issues so I made sure that I was installed in the public games directory, since I am running Vista 32 bit.

Grabbed every update that was available through Windows Updater in case that was the problem. Some threads mentioned concerns with .net frameworks and what not. All those updates are installed.

Then I saw the post about using dependency walker to see what it might have to say. Sure enough, it says that mss32.dll is missing. After searching my drive and any discs, I don't have a copy of mss32.dll anywhere.

At this point I am not about to screw around with Lotro any furthur. I have played many other MMO's out there without this kind of problem keeping up.

Looks like it could be an interesting game but I am not about to invest a ton of time re-installing and patching in the hopes that somehow everything comes together. As I said before, never ran into this problem with any other MMO.