Greetings & Well Met,

The Rohan Royal Guard is a small (right now) rank 10 rp kinship on the Windfola server. We have been around since kinships were introduced with the majority of our players having helped in the beta of the game. We look to try and orginize gameing sessions so we can enjoy the game content with a group. If you have played AD&D at all then it would be as though the kitchen table has expand to a world table. As we get more people it will be easier to have the groups at different times. So right now we are recruiting people that wish to help us build. This is not for the impatient ones for this process may take a while or can go fast if we find the right people. We have a website On the left hand side is instructions on how to join with also some explanations of our Kinship and contacts if you have any Questions.

Peace be your Pathe.
Thorir Grangus - Commander