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Hey all,

Here's a question that I've been trying to get a hard-line answer for, and as much as I know the question has been asked in a couple of other threads, nothing confirmed as of yet, so I thought I'd try here as well.

This is in regards to the runes visible on Laugfut's collar, seen here:

As you can see, it's gotten mirrored at the halfway mark, so we can't read it propperly, but it's Cirth, at least, and the visible first half looks to be something like 'Ige Meloo Palan—' The last symbol before the mirroring could be an 'n', in full but cut off, or else it might also be the rune for 'kh', then mirrored back to back with itself; can't tell.

the other possibility, one supposes is that that half-collar set is the full inscription, simply repeated from side to centre on either side, meeting inthe middle, but it does look more like a case of texture mirroring.

I considered that it didn't seem very like the rest of the game to have a random jumble of runes for appearance's sake, and somewhere around here Berephon mentioned that there aren't supposed to be any random runes floating about without meaning.

Without having any knowledge of the actual translation process, I can't offer much more, I'm afraid. This was brought up inthe hidden nuggets thread as well, at one point, but no solid answer was found or confirmed, then, and the thread moved on.

Perhaps someone here can drag some meaning or sense out of this, or what it might have been, or if we're really lucky, someone official might know what it was mean to have been originally? Sorry if I'm covering old turf here, but I can't seem to lay my hands on a solid answer for myslef, without a propper understanding of the runes and the language, which I don't have, heheh...


One of those runes transcribed was upside down. That's okay in early runic language but not in Cirth. Seems like artistic gibberish to me unfortunately on that one.