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Aside from this obvious example, the translation of "Katûb" as book is further attested to by its use throughout Moria. There are several place names containing this word, such as "Mezel-katub" and "Katub-zahar". Each of these are the names of places that appear to be libraries or archives. Indeed, I believe the name "Katub-zahar" very nearly means "library". We know from the Dwarvish name of Nogrod, Tumunzahar (or "Hollowbold"), that "zahar" means "bold" or "building". Thus, "Katub-zahar" would appear to mean literally "Book-building" or more figuratively, "library".
Just curious, where did you get the translation of zahar from? The only site I can find that mentions the meaning of Tmunzahar gives it as
tûm “bold / delving” (1st decl., type B) (in Tumunzahar, q.v.)
*zahar “hollow” (adj.) (in Tumunzahar, q.v.)
This of course would mean that Katub-zahar means Book-hollow or Hollow-book instead (or even Hollow of the book).
Source: http://forodrim.org/daeron/md_khuzdul.html