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    Between my allies and those who wish to hurt them.

    If you were at the Fall of Gondolin...

    (Referencing the story as told in 'Lost Tales vol.2)

    Which house would you have fought with?

    I'm torn between the Hammer of Wrath, led by Rog, and the Golden Flower, led by Glorfindel.

    Both have their pluses. Glorfindel protected the survivors during their escape, and solo'd a Balrog, but Rog's batallion was the first to EVER slay a Balrog, and they slew dozens of them. However, the fact that none from the Hammer of Wrath survived the battle causes me to lean slightly towards Glorfindel's house.

    How about you?

  2. Re: If you were at the Fall of Gondolin...

    House of the Mole.....I kid, I kid!

    I'd say the House of the Hammer of Wrath. If you knew you were going to die anyway, might as well be as Chuck Norrisy as you can and inflict as much damage as possible.

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    Re: If you were at the Fall of Gondolin...

    House of the Smelly Pantsed Dragon Fodder, no doubt.
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    Re: If you were at the Fall of Gondolin...

    House of the Tree or Swallow.
    Tree because I imagine myself using a club carved from an ancient tree, and when it's swung, the strength of that ancient tree is brought forth to deal a deadly blow.

    Though House of the Fountain is also really awesome, marching to battle with the sound of silver flutes, so cool.
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    Re: If you were at the Fall of Gondolin...

    I'd of fought under Rog. You know you're going down, so why not take some bushes with you?

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    Re: If you were at the Fall of Gondolin...

    hehe I haven't really rp'ed in game at all but I have a whole backstory fleshed out in bio about being from teh house of the foauntain and living with the other few remaining survivors of the fall with cirdan..

    I know i know we aren't supposed to be Noldorin elves but i love keepign with teh story, playing a flute and screaming out Ecthelion everytime I pull.
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