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    Post Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Name: SvenskaKrigare
    Server: Eldar
    Language: A Swedish speaking kinship
    Webpage: www.svenskakrigare.se
    Info: We are THE largest Swedish kinship with over 900 members in many mmos.
    We are a open social kinship that allow anybody that speaks swedish to join our ranks.

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    The Fellowship of Guardians


    Server : Evernight

    THanks in advance
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    Rucagorn, The White Guardian - Portugal

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Name: Legends
    Server: Laurelin
    Webpage: http://legendsguild.co.uk
    Info: mature, light-roleplay kinship
    Laurelin server, Legends kinship
    Thiraury Starnhap, Hobbit BRG, Tinker
    Damli Son of Damli, Dwarf MNS, Woodsman
    Dalanrien, Elf HNT, Armsman

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    The Green Company


    "Netiquette goes a long way and anonymity on the Internet is no reason to carelessly ignore that."

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    radix lecti



    leader : rollie
    Rollie Whitebeard,

    [color=#00FF00]Leader of Radix Lecti[/color]

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Defenders of Quebec est une Kinship niveau 6 avec site Web pour les joueurs Québecois francophones de tous les niveaux et de toutes les classes, PST moi, Bienvenue.

    Defenders of Quebec is a rank 6 Kinship with web site for french canadians all levels and classes accepted, Welcome.

    Nous sommes situés sur le serveur Riddermark et nous apprêtons a acquérir notre Kin House, nous sommes en recrutement actif.

    Visitez le site http://defendersofquebec.lotrosites.com

    Defenders of Quebec

    Server: Riddermark

    Leader: Belegarion

    Bienvenue a tous!

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Just an update for
    The Crescent Order -Silverlode

    The previous link on Sapience's list is no longer accurate. Our new website is at

    Thank you Sapience for saving the master list and we hope the list can be merged and updated with our new website soon.

    [COLOR="Lime"]Elewryn/Eleanna/Ellayna, Founding officer of The Crescent Order [/COLOR]
    [COLOR="Gold"][URL="http://tcosilverlode.guildlaunch.com"]TCO Silverlode[/URL]/[URL="http://tcoswtor.guildlaunch.com"]TCOSWTOR[/URL][/color]
    [COLOR="Cyan"]All that is gold does not glitter; not all those that wander are lost. -J.R.R. Tolkien[/COLOR]

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Raiders of Isengard is on Meneldor. Since the guild launch site is on construction, pm me for infos. I am the Kin leader

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Paragon rank 9 kinship on the Crickhollow server...we have a web site, but it is being worked on atm..so we are currently using this http://www.facebook.com/groups/paragonlotro?ap=1 until we get our site ready again.

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    "Fury Of Fingolfin" Withywindle

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread


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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Honour Bound
    chartered Feb '08

    We are a small kin of mature players that like to have fun, quest, craft, raid and help our members achieve their goals.
    We are looking to refill our ranks with quality players of any class or race.

    We can be reached easily through the Honour Alliance channel. /joinchannel Honouralliance
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    [charsig=http://lotrosigs.level3.turbine.com/0b20c0000000848f5/01007/signature.png]Henery[/charsig] Henery - Hunter /[COLOR="YellowGreen"]Laugliri - Minstrel[/COLOR] / [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Turodist - Lore-master[/COLOR] / [COLOR="Red"]Thoronelu - Captain[/COLOR] / [COLOR="Magenta"]Caun - Champion [/COLOR] / [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Henodgwath - Burglar[/COLOR] / [COLOR="Green"]Cairova- Guard [/COLOR]

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Silverkeep - www.silverkeep.guildlaunch.com

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Numenor's Legacy
    Gladden server

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Kin name: vigilance
    Server: Meneldor
    Kin URL: www.vigilancekin.guildlaunch.com

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    The Out of Bounders (Laurelin Server. Limdalen, Founder, Cideric, Second)

    Our OfficialCharter

    Peopleof the Shire! A year ago I was likeyou. I grew barley, hay, apples and pears on land that has been in myfamily for 3 generations. Then I had my eyes opened to the Dangers thatconfront the Shire!

    Alarge Goblin tribe has settled in the Greenfields aboveBockenbornings! Bullroarer Took would beappalled! Dwarven Raiders in Needlehole, Brigands in Tookland and Orcoutside Buckland!! Something is dreadfully wrong!

    Inplaces beyond our borders, it only gets worse! Towns better defended than ourshave been burned to the ground! Crops stolen! Innocents murdered or worse!

    I know what you fine Hobbits are saying!! “Don’t look for trouble and none willlook for you!” “That it’s Big Folk trouble, let them deal with it!” Well the Big folk are dealing with it!

    Rangers,Men, Elves and Dwarves, have given their blood and very lives to make sure theShire remains untroubled! But the enemy is powerful and many. How soon until these heroes go to look after their own troubles? TheElves are leaving these shores. The dwarves delve deeper into theirmountains. Men alone cannot hold back this tide without help!

    To that end I am building a group of volunteers….”The Out of Bounders”.

    Our purpose is threefold.
    · Firstly, to go outside the Shire topick up the Shire’s end of the slack that is being held by Elf, Man andDwarf. We’re scouting enemy territory, defending innocents, or addingclubs or blades where they are lacking.

    · Second (Perhaps the more important) Bring some measure of the peace we’veenjoyed here, to those who have thus far given us that peace without reward orremembrance. We’re bringing a slice of warm spiced apple pie to a Ranger inEstelidin. We’re sharing a pouch of Longbottom leaf with a dwarf whowalked out of the wyrm’s maw of Angmar. Lightening the heart of an elf onthe late watch with the finest Shire songs! Give these heroes ataste of what we enjoy and gladden their hearts in the Dark.

    · Lastly we must bring the stories and the names of those who have fought or diedfor us, back to the Shire so that all may know them. We must ensure the honoredliving and dead are not truly unsung heroes.

    Manyhands make for light work. We look for other hobbits of ill repute (who feel aswe do) and Big Folk who enjoy the finer things in life to join us. Weunderstand our reputations are plummeting by the minute. We’ll miss thebirthday party invitations, but sleep better knowing that there could beanother birthday.

    If you wish for a more discrete dialog, drop me a post (Limdalen, Laurelinserver) and I will seek you out to see how you wish to help.

    (OOC: A Mature, Moderate to heavy RP guild around theprecepts and ideas in the Charter above. This will not be a militaryband/militia kin with boot camps patrols, and such. This is a looserassociation with maybe a cosmetic signifier (ie the bounder hat or somethingTBD) as our only uniform. I would like to actually reach out to other kinshipsin the idea that they are the interactive connection to the static NPCs that weall interact with. We’re on a Roleplay server so I’d like us to become themorale boosters of middle earth. Someone in another kin need’s armor, we makeit. Someone needs Dyes, our scholars make them. A fellowship need an extra setof hands for a raid, we step in to fill the gap. I’m also interested inarranging RP events sponsored by the Guild in various places in Middle earththat could use a good cheering up. I’m figuring out a merit system for ourassistance to tie it into a monthly contest for some sort of prize but it willdepend on the amount of people we get. I’d like us to be allied with as manyother Kins as possible. I hope this kin is of interest to others. “The Out ofBounders”!)

    We are official!!! Here is our Roster and Officer Corp.

    Leader- Limdalen (Hobbit, Burglar)

    Second in command- Cideric (Man, Champion)


    Ambassador to Shire- Bolica (Hobbit, Burglar)

    Ambassador to Men- Cideric

    Ambassador to Elves- Teegalan (Elf, Loremaster)

    Ambassador to Dwarves- Kelmorv (Dwarf, Defender)

    Then to coordinate the 3 missions of our charter:

    M. at Arms
    - Archibrand (Hobbit, Defender)

    Emelson (Hobbit, Hunter)

    Omamiriel (Lady Human, Minstral)

    M. of Novices
    - Limdalen- I particularly enjoyed a jaunt into Golfimbul’s Hole with Donica before our inauguration. As I gain experience I can assist in training new recruits in developing their skills.

    Other Officers

    Eralas (Elf, Runecaster)

    Fenwic (Hobbit, Hunter. Approved against my better judgment.)

    Gosgalad (Elf, Loremaster)

    Dagley (Man Minstral)

    Kin Emissaries-
    Friends in other Kins who know our mission and can call on us if we are needed.

    Bomsco of the Watchers of Middle Earth (Hobbit, Burglar)
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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    -The Sword of Truth

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Hi we are Nesh Me Hanan, a casual kin on Landroval and our website is neshmehanan.guildlaunch.com

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Retainers of Dol Amroth - Landroval Server - Retainersofdolamroth.guildport al.com


    -Vayguin Layonect

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Name: Concilio de Telperion
    Server: Laurelin
    Web: http://www.conciliodetelperion.es
    Community site: http://my.lotro.com/guild-872572436924513405/

    About us:
    In the Laurelin server, a group of adventurers of all races, we have decided to unite in brotherhood, to better deal with the dangers in our war against Mordor. Veterans of war, scattered throughout Middle-earth, have been hindering the enemy's plans and promoting the progress of the Fellowship of the Ring as far as possible for the carrier's mission. All races have no place in our Fellowship and are welcome.

    "People above objects"

    Telperion Council is a social kinship, whose main pillar and that underpins everything else is the community. The strength of the clan lies in the close ties between its members, capable of great things separately, but even greater when the Council is convened under one flag. The treasure of the Council is no powerful object, but each of its members. And take care as they are.

    "Cooperation, events and weakest link"

    The second pillar of the Council is the cooperation and planning events and all kinds of activities. As we attach great importance to interaction with other members, it is rare to see a member of Council without a brother in arms with him.

    If a chain breaks at the weakest link, the strengthening of all members of the Council as becoming stronger. Continued Teamwork gives us unforgettable moments and makes us tick getting better. The Council does not need independent professional their ranks, the Council as a whole is a group capable of bold take any feat by any amount.

    "Honesty, democracy and respect"

    The third pillar upon which rests the Council is democracy in its governance system; roundtable. There is no place privileged in a round table, so that no one stands the rest. Thus, the officers who gather around him are all equal and there is no clear leader.

    Honesty, respect and desire to fight with all blood brothers what is required for membership in the Council of Telperion.

    Want to know? Join our ranks and help us to keep at bay the threat from the East.
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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Meneldor: Dunedain: Current rank 5, helpfull members, Lead by Isnildor.

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Siege Breakers - Imladris server

    kin website at siegebreakers.guildlaunch.com

    (Link in my sigline!)
    [LEFT][URL="http://siegebreakers.guildlaunch.com"][B]Siege Breakers Kinsite[/B][/URL][/LEFT]
    [RIGHT][URL="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?377885-What-happens-if...-answers-about-the-account-types&p=5416401#post5416401"][B]Account Types Explained![/B][/URL][/RIGHT]

    [URL="http://my.lotro.com/referral/Kragald"]Referred by Kragald![/URL]

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    The Dawnbreakers!

    thedawnbreakersvilya.guildport al.com
    Learael Longshanks, Officer of the Dawnbreakers - Vilya Server
    ...and numerous alts

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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Midnight Marauders



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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    see my signature
    Roses are red, Polar bears are white, if you meet one at night you'll get quite a fright.


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