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    Sep 2010


    Name: Bombadil's Khilarim
    Contact: Any member online.
    Server: Crickhollow


    We are a small, max level, kin looking for mature players. We are a causal, all-races Kin, focused on casual play, helping players, fun events, socializing, questing, crafting and deeding.

    Our Next Event is Sept. 16th, stop by and join the fun!

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    Mithrenath Nothlir -- Landroval -- Mith-Noth.Guildlaunch.com

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    Living Craftmanships

    Living Craftmanships is on Arkenstone, and our url is http://livingcraftmanships.guildlaunch.com/

    We are a crafting Kin, dedicated to gearing our members, sharing materials and leveling our crafts.

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    Name: Company of the White Tree
    Site: http://gondor.guildlaunch.com
    Type: Heavy RP Kinship
    Server: Landroval
    Contact: Isilene, Gimiladun, Ahum, Televir, Cyrcie

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    Mar 2011
    Kinship name: Saints. Server: Landroval. Website www.saints3G.com

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    Dec 2008
    EST US
    Posting on behalf of Cura and Lyravven, Co-GMs of my kin.

    Name: Lords of a Fallen Empire
    Server: Arkenstone
    Type: Raid/Social
    Status: Alive and well, check our site for updated recruiting requirements http://lordsofafallenempire.guildlaunch.com/
    Contacts: Cura, Fyewind, or Lyravven

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archan View Post
    Posting on behalf of Cura and Lyravven, Co-GMs of my kin.

    Name: Lords of a Fallen Empire
    Server: Arkenstone
    Type: Raid/Social
    Status: Alive and well, check our site for updated recruiting requirements http://lordsofafallenempire.guildlaunch.com/
    Contacts: Cura, Fyewind, or Lyravven
    I thought I already did this but it appears we lost the old thread? so thank you Forth for reposting for us

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    Name:Soldiers of the Templar Order
    Server: Nimrodel
    Type: assorted
    Status: Rebuilding the old kin (got disbanded because of inactivity) recruiting any lvl or race. We currently do not have a website.
    Leader- Pipens (leader of old kin)
    Successor- Elvanoraga (me)


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    Jul 2011
    Maryland, United States of America
    The Northern Kingdom

    Server: Imladris

    Lifespan: Rank 10

    Leader: Kaelalas

    Co-Leader/Successor: Bothorn

    Website/Forums: www.imperialmovement.com

    Type: A bit of everything

    Contacts: Kaelalas, Bothorn, Brunlend, Aldair, Aghrid, Spano, Cowman, Konataluckystar

    Other Information: We are one of the most fun, active, friendly, social and unique kinships on the Imladris Server. We raid, quest, skirmish, party, craft, socialize, etc. We also have our very own animated parody series, 6 episodes long with a few spinoffs on Youtube (Direct link not included) created by Bothorn (Igetboredproductions). As stated, we often do raids from all over the game. Not just low level raids, nor just endgame raids, but a mixture of everything. We encourage the "give it all you've got, then a little more" and "No member left behind" attitudes.
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    Kinship: Elves of Lothlorien

    Server: Windfola

    Status: -currently not recruiting-

    Leader: Eleriien

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    Mar 2007

    Praetorian - http://ipf.enjin.com/

    West Cost Players. We start playin around 930-1030 and stop around 1-2am unless of course we have the day off !

    Speak with Azurose or Draf / Dewei !

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    Worst Guild Ever - Vilya

    Kinship: Worst Guild Ever

    Server: Vilya

    Status: Recruiting like-minded, NO DRAMA players

    Leader: Nilean

    Site: http://my.lotro.com/guild-868068839717714319/

    We are a small, relatively new kin of veteran WoW players determined to avoid the pitfalls of previous guilds/kins (i.e. NO DRAMA, NO judging other's play-styles, NO judging gear, NO clandestine inspects, etc.). We are a very helpful, friendly and mature bunch who like to play "responsibly casual". We would like to run instances about once or twice a week and are very practical minded. We use Team-Speak and wish to remain small but could use a few good hearted players to fill out ranks. If this description appeals to you send an in-game pst to Nilean or Naelean.

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    The Night Wathcers - Arkenstone

    Kinship Name: The Night Watchers

    Server: Arkenstone

    Lifespan: Rank 9

    Status: Recruiting

    Leader: Stindoril

    Site: http://my.lotro.com/guild-866661463723420366/

    After some time without activity, we are back to the streets of Arkenstone, with full gas and new leadership.
    Waiting for you to join us!
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    Mar 2007

    Eternal Legends

    Kinship Name: Eternal Legends

    Server: Landroval

    Lifespan: Rank 8

    Status: Recruiting

    Leader: Daek
    Officers: Beorren and Ardgytha

    Site: http://the-eternals.com/?game_id=6

    Although we are a newer kinship, we have existed in City of Heroes for 8 years. We are looking for a handful of new members to help us succeed in being a long-standing and fun RP group. If you are interested in joining on the ground floor, please check out our site and contact either myself or one of the officers.

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    Jun 2011
    Eimaste mia real life parea pou dimiourgithike mesa apo afto to game prin 6 xronia sxedon.
    Xekinisame ston Eldar kai me to realease tou F2P , sinexisame ston wythiwindle mexri kai simera,exontas tous Beer Academy mexri kai simera.

    Beer Academy.mia elliniki kinship,anoixti oste na dosi to dikeoma ston kathe ellina tou server,na efxaristithi to game se olo tou megalio.apo to 1 lvl mexri ta 85 tha eimaste mazi kai tha epidioxoume na pername panta kala.exoume thn dynatotita.h thelisi kai h orexi ama eiparxei ola ginonte.
    Mporeite na mathete perisotera gia emas sto kinship site mas pou einai to http://beeracademy.guildlaunch.com h na steilete in game ena ims mynima stous parakato officers ths kinship mas.

    To roster tis Kinship einai aftiros epilekto,apoteloumeno mono apo 14 atoma os kormos,kai einai se tetio epipedo oste na dimiourgei world records,h na antagonizete me alles kales kinship kai apo allous poli palaioterous server.Eimaste close gia opiodipote recruit apo ton server mas,kai open GIA TON KATHE PATRIOTI APO ALLO SERVER!!!


    1)Όλα τα μέλη θα πρέπει να έχουν υπ'όψιν τους οτί οποιοδήποτε action στο game και οποιοδήποτε post σε forum αντικατοπτρίζει το ίδιο το kinship.

    2)Όλα τα μέλη είναι πρεσβευτές του kinship γι'αυτό να είστε περίφανοι που θα φέρετε το Beer Academy tag στο toon σας.

    3)Το κάθε μέλος θα πρέπει να κάνει register στο site μας και να δηλώσει τον χαρακτήρα του ώστε να έχουμε μια ευκολότερη επικοινωνία και να μεγαλώσει το community μας γρηγορότερα.Με το που θα γίνει δεχτός στο site θα παίρνει promote σε kinsman/woman.

    4)Οποιοδήποτε θέμα τίθεται προς συζήτηση στο kinship chat θα πρέπει να μένει εκεί και να μην συζητείται με εκτώς kinship άτομα.

    5)Προτείνουμε κυρίως να κάνετε group με kinship members για να γνωριστείτε καλύτερα.

    6)Οποιαδήποτε πρόταση,παράπονο που αφορά το kinship και τα μέλη του θα πρέπει να γίνονται γνωστά στον Leader-succesor ή σε κάποιον από τους officer ώστε να βρεθεί η λύση.

    7)Όλα τα νέα μέλη θα βρίσκονται σε 2 βδομάδες trial από την ημέρα του join date στο kinship και θα θεωρούνται recruits.


    1)Προτεραιότητα στα RAID θα έχουν ΠΑΝΤΑ οι main χαρακτήρες εκτός εάν το team κρίνετε ανεπαρκής από τον raid leader και ζητηθεί η βοήθεια κάποιου alt και υπάρχει η σύμφωνη του παίκτη.

    2)Για την πιο δίκαιη και ίση μεταχείρηση σε ένα raid ο κάθε χαρακτήρας θα μπορεί να κάνει loot μόνο σε ένα item ανά run.

    3)Δεν επιτρέπονται τα pug end game raids εάν πρώτα δεν έχει ενημερωθεί κάποιος officer και έχει δώσει το οκ διότι 1.Τα locks χρειάζονται για το kinship 2.Τη φήμη του kinship.

    4)Προτεραιότητα στα loot a) Mains b) Alts c) Recruits

    5)Σύστημα DKP ή EPGP δεν θα χρησιμοποιηθεί.Μελλοντικά σκοπός μας σε αυτόν τον τομέα είναι να υπάρξει ένας κορμός από μόνο 13-14 raiders και κάθε τέτοιου είδους σύστημα αντιτίθεται πλήρως με το οικογενειακό κλήμα της kinship που προσδοκούμε να έχουμε.(Στην περίπτωση αυτή τα 75lvl recruits θα είναι closed μέχρις ότου μείνει κενή θέση και δεν μπορεί να αναπληρωθεί απο μέλη μας οπότε και θα ανοίγει μόνο και μόνο τότε για συγκεκριμένα class)


    Όσον αφορά το recruit το kinship είναι ανοιχτό για όλους τους Έλληνες αρκεί να έχουν διαβάσει και είναι πρόθυμοι να τηρούν τα παραπάνω rules.

    Μή τήρηση των παραπάνω a) Παρατήρηση b) demote σε recruit (ανεξαρτήτου lvl) c) σε ακραία περίπτωση kick

    *PS:Τα rules θα ανανεώνονται ανάλογα με την δυναμικότητα του kinship με τον καιρό*
    Krom Of Laurelin.

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    Jun 2011
    The Children Of Iluvatar
    [EN-RP] Laurelin

    The Children of Iluvatar is a mature, rank 10 kinship on the [EN-RP] Laurelin server in the persistent online world of The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). The Children of Iluvatar, or TCOI for short, holds true to a fairly simple overarching gaming philosophy which is to create and enjoy a fun, relaxed, mature and respectful gaming experience.
    To make your gaming experience as fun as possible, we try to schedule at least 1 meeting every week and. This is not the only event you can join, you can join our MPvP raids, endgame raids, skirmishes, instances and RP. We have our own MPvP Tribe to make pvp a bit more fun.
    We have a Great webside, facebookpage and forum. We have DKP rules and a great banking system.

    Most of our members live in Europe this is why we schedule our meeting with GMT times. We do have enough members and officers on different timezones to make and keep our kinship active during the day.

    If you have questions about TCOI or just want more info, you can contact us by sending an email to officertcoi@gmail.com. Or just send me an ingame mail [Gellthir, Gelltheir] Thanks and may Eru Ilúvatar watch over you~!

    We are also a smial of the official Tolkien Society, under the name Laurelin. Our smial focuses on Lotro primarily. Smial's members can meet in real life to socialise and to discuss all aspect of Tolkien-lore, and for that we are based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


    If you are interested in joining our kinship, just click our banner.

    ~~Gellthir Laingwador
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    Aug 2011

    Warriors of the Last Allaince

    Hi there,

    Our kinship: Warriors of the Last Alliance has started at the launch of Lotro.
    Rank 10
    Mixed nationalities
    We are based on the server: Eldar.
    Our new website wil be www.wotla.com but we still using alliance.guildportal.com too.

    Kin info:
    We are a social PvMP / raid kin with an average age of -+ 30 years. We love to have fun and don't want to have stress (Roleplaying). Most of us have jobs so we really do like a relax and friendly environment! We share and help everyone (also beginners). Fights about loot etc. will not be tolerated in this kin which is the key of our survival over the past 5 years.
    We are a real familly kin and love to chat on teamspeak for example: We call ourselfs by real name and using Facebook.
    So when your looking for an active familly kin who enjoys the game, this the right place to be.

    And don't forget to kill some Creeps in PvMP with Wotla!

    The kin leader is: Thiramir
    Successor is: Sobekra


    See you all on Eldar!

    Thiramir (Martyn)

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    Jun 2011

    I just noticed our kinship is missing from this list..
    Here's some info about us..

    Server: Evernight
    Kinship name: The Guardians of Middle Earth (The Gnomes)
    Website: http://www.xsgamers.com
    Have you ever wondered what Gnomes get up to in the dead of night? Meet the Guardians of Middle Earth (The Gnomes) and find out. We are not raiders, we are not ‘Ettenmoors only’, we are not casual players…we are all these things and everything in between. We are a family of people who enjoy playing the game, running raids, taking down a war band, fighting creeps or helping our family members get through Old Forest without dying a million horrible deaths.
    We are a multi-gaming guild/kinship, with strong influence in LoTRO and Planetside 2, amongst others.
    Our secret mission is to takeover Middle Earth, but don't tell that to Gandalf.. When we are not raiding, or helping lower level players, we sit around making fun of each other. We are consisting about (mostly) mature people who enjoy a good laugh, often at their expense.

    Leader of "The Gnomes" of Evernight.
    It's all about laughs and social gaming! Come join us at www.thegnomes.eu!
    Recruitment is active

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    Whispers of Hope

    Crickhollow Server

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    Jun 2011
    Server: Withinwyndle
    Kinship name: Beer Academy
    Website: http://beeracademy.guildlaunch.com
    Description:GREEK KINSHIP 100%

    Το BEER ACADEMY είναι το μοναδικο Ελληνικό kinship αποτελούμενο από έμπειρα και ενεργά μέλη από την day 1 του game.Σκοπός μας είναι να ξαναδημιουργήσουμε ένα χαρούμενο και ευχάριστο περιβάλλον που θα περνάει κανείς ευχάριστα τις ώρες του παίζοντας το Lord of the rings online.Απότερος σκοπός μας είναι ένας πυρήνας από αξιόπιστους players που θα χαιρόμαστε παρέα τόσο το end-game όσο και το casual gaming.(special thanks στα παιδιά από ELDAR που είναι δίπλα μας και βοηθάνε σε οποιαδήποτε tactics και νέο content μέχρι τώρα.. )

    Για αλλη μια φορα δειχνουμε τον σεβασμο που εχουμε επεναντι στους ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ του σερβερ μας.
    Beer Academy, elliniko kinship me kormo paixton 6etous thitias sto lotro.eimaste open gia ton kathe patrioti,oste na tou dosoume to dikaioma na xari to game se olo tou to megaleio.gia perisoteres info(kritiria) tell/krom h sto http://beeracademy.guildlaunch.com/ thnx
    Krom Of Laurelin.

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    Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes

    Don't forget about us!!! Can we make...THE list????

    Server: Elendilmir
    Kinship name: Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes
    Website: http://tolkienformedicinalpurposes.guildlaunch.com
    Description: Laid back, casual group of people enjoying the journey together. You can find out plenty about us by visiting the website or by checking out my ongoing rambling recruitment thread at: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...cinal-Purposes
    Nothing to see here...

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    Help to grow our Kinship


    I would like to open up our recruiting.

    Server - Withywindle
    Kinship Name - Eleventh Legion

    Description -

    We are currently a very quiet kinship of both capped and levelling players. It is our intention to become a more active kinship, but for this we require people of any age, class, level and ability.

    Please be aware that while there is no age limit, we do not want troublemakers, we would like to maintain a Kinship where EVERYONE can feel welcome and can ask for advice and help when/if required.

    We would be proud to accept both group players and those that prefer solo. We do not require that you devote any particular amount of time to playing. There is no requirement to spend all your time, or indeed any time doing Kinship activities.

    I appreciate that many will prefer a more active Kinship, but it is our hope that we can become a large, well respected Kinship for people of ANY playstyle, and where an individuals own style is respected.

    If you have had a bad experience in a past Kinship, please do not let that affect your decision, please come to us with your concerns and any questions you may have.

    Please contact in game via mail or /tell - Umal or Nurelin

    Thank you for reading.

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    Jun 2011
    Smurf Village
    Raiders of Middle Earth , Snowbourn


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    Jun 2011
    Wrocław, PL
    Server: Laurelin [EN-RP]
    Kinship: The Bravest of Fools
    Forums: http://bravest-of-fools.guildlaunch.com/

    Are you a hobbit away from the Shire's safe bounds, or a dwarf far away from his halls? A man lost on the road, or elf with no clue where to go? The adventure you set out on was foolish indeed, but brave you have proven you are. Come join our gang - we're The Bravest of Fools and with us you'll find you're a star!

    In case of any questions, PM Bresov / Ithillameth / Tussie in-game.

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    Elilmathia on Imlardis

    Kinship: Elilmathia
    Server: Imlardis
    Website: http://elilmathia.guildlaunch.com/


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