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    Quote Originally Posted by kpfitzgerald View Post
    Erasmus354 are you using the api? or screen scrape? it is a good idea not to delete data unless you know the data is corrupt in some way, if you are loading the data into a DB you can add a Boolean field to say whether the row is visible or not.

    also the transfers isn't that difficult if you write some simple logic or do a join then compare then add a true to the booloean field through an insert into...
    The API wouldn't really work because you can't get a list of players from it. Unless I knew everyones name I couldn't use it. And while I do know most peoples names there are at least 20 new players each day. The only way right now is a screen scrape. The data is going into a mysql database (which currently has over 450,000 rows of data).

    As for transfers, it is more than some simple logic. You have to recognize that the player doesn't exist on the old server, then find them on one of the new servers. In addition to that they may have gained an unknown amount of renown/infamy and changed their names. Sure for higher ranked players it is easier to do, but for lower ranked players it isn't so easy. The daily updates already take ~an hour, and will take more soon when I fully automate it (manual uploading a saved file is faster than doing the queries through a script, and I don't have CL access to the SQL server). LOTS more logic coupled with many more database queries in order to do that isn't worth the time on the daily updates or the time writing the script.
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