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    Quote Originally Posted by ysnpwhite View Post
    Out of curiosity, do you know the origin of it? It make me sad sometimes to think that something like 1/10 people that play this game have read not just the trilogy but his other works as well.

    Sorry for the minor derail.
    I've read almost all, but I read a lot trilogies/series so they all kind of meld together after awhile, but do telll...

    I highly recommend the Foundation sagas by Asimov.

    Oh wait.....was this the warg that bit the hand off of Beorn? The man that fell in love with Feanors ( I think) daughter? In The Silmarillion?

    edit: Googled it, I have the story right, names are wrong. In the story of Beren and Luthien, my personal favorite in The Silmarillian. He bit off Berens hand after they retrieved one of the Silmarils and the hand still contained the Silmaril, which then proceded to burn and drive him mad, he was later hunted down and killed. Spelled with a C, not a K, but I'm sure turbine wouldn't let you use the correct spelling. Cudos HiC.
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