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    Angry After Update game is Stuttering

    The title pretty much sums it up.

    I will be in the middle of combat, or in the middle of a field, or whatever and the game starts stuttering, to the point where I exit the game and defrag the hard drive.

    I then come back after the defrag into the game and it flows fine for a while(varies at times), but then it starts to stutter again. Completely random. I checked all processes to see if anything is tacking itself to this while it runs, but nothing is going on. This is the only process taking up about 70% of the processor and about 60% of the memory.

    Everything else is at idle. I have even gone as far as disabling all non windows critical processes. (not that it should matter, but its running Windows 7 64 bit Pro.)

    I thought it was my network/internet connection, but I have verified with other online games that this isn't the case. those games run smoothly. I thought it was video, but I upgraded the video drivers and have played in other games at higher video settings, and those games play without any hesitation.

    But this game keep stuttering.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm at my wits end and am about to uninstall and just walk away.

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    Re: After Update game is Stuttering

    If this problem only started occurring after the recent update, make sure to re-add exceptions to your firewall/security software for the game files (TurbineInvoker.exe, TurbineLauncher.exe, lotroclient.exe).

    If your issue keeps up after doing this, when you get a chance post your “dxdiag” data (the steps how are in the “how to get help..” sticky linked in my signature)
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