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Thread: RIP Big E

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    Feb 2007
    North Carolina

    RIP Big E

    You will always Jingle-Jangle in my heart.

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    Jan 2007
    "It's a sorry day."

    All the other servers smell funny. Will proudly wear my 'of Elendilmir' title once I've moved.
    armor-plated since SoA alpha 3
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    Jan 2007
    5 Haven Way, Menellant, Falathorn, Elendimir


    Like Solien said, it is truly a sad but expected day.
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    Go in peace! I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.

    Belechannas and Dagoreth

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    Mar 2007
    It's been a long and happy 8 years, E.

    Milarien Cardhra of Lorien (Minstrel), Mileirien (Warden), Milirien (Minstrel), Ariestir (Rune-keeper) etc
    (Minstrel: The Tootsie Roll Pop of Middle Earth!) + other accounts
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    Mar 2007
    R.I.P. Big E.

    R.I.P. Big E

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    Sep 2007
    This server will always be my "home", and I do hope to see some familiar faces wherever I end up. I don't plan on staying on Brandy, it was never a good fit.

    Thanks for the memories E. I miss all the crazy good times. CHAOS in the SHADOWS. Joykristas/Galuf/Silverstien 3 man explodination flanking. 1v1ing on Candy Mountain for hours on end. Kriptic running an entire raid into DG to kill hellnakh repeatedly. Cowlick being cowlick. Taking turns ambushing with Siege/cowbell. Learning the class from Spittingsting. Getting my first wins against Kidefence. Same for Proton. Making Rae jump out of his chair in surprise. Killing Jussi in her "exploit" spot in old EC. Everything that happened during Aussie Fridays back before RoI. Nopain, the nicest person I've ever met in a game. Vyxe never quite getting to his dinner before 11pm. Yicky raids. Scooby raids. VENGY PLAYING THE GAME IN A HOT TUB WHILE HIS WIFE MOWED THE GRASS (Husband level: Australian). Berz talking in team speak (So much techno).

    So many good times.

    Even my Signature is trolling!

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    May 2012
    Yeah, very sad that it's closing, I had a lot of fun time on E
    Rank 15 Blackarrow HinderSpam
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    Feb 2007
    E will always be The Jewelled Bell, no matter where my toons end up. Fun on creepside playing with and against people that made it a community - far too many to list. Fun with kins past and present. Drunken Aussie Fridays, and not so sober Rift runs, watching the world unfold. Best wishes to all as we disperse. Hope to see "of Elendilmir" frequently where ever I end up.
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    I think i am going to move to gladden. it seems like a good fit for E players

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    Out of all servers, I was sure they would have let this Community live on, and welcome so many players...

    Seriously Turbine...SERIOUSLY!


    1st on list of chopping block to... its like a punch in face.
    Capcom Stalker...
    English is not my 1st Language... So shhhh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuffie67 View Post
    1st on list of chopping block to... its like a punch in face.
    If I''m understanding it right, first to be allowed to transfer as well. So there's that at least.

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    Had a great time there. Thanks for all the fun!

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    May 2007
    See ya Big E. Many great times were had.

    <3 Off Peak
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    Rest in peaces
    Gandolfien - Acta Non Verba

    Achmetha/Yewl - Stainless

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    Dec 2007
    Seattle, WA
    It's been a fun and interesting ride, but alas it must end.


    **jingle jangle**
    Maley Oakensage, Captain of Elendilmir

    Alas Elendilmir, may you *jingle jangle* forever in the Forgotten West

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    Jan 2007
    *cries* Farewell fellow Elendilmirians.

    *Diamond of the "Diamond" server plays a mournful tune*
    Diamond of Gladden & Landroval.
    Director of Eriador Music Society of Landroval.

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    Dec 2007
    I've been here for 7+ years, Elendilmir will always be the Jewelled Bell for me

    Good luck and peace, everybody, it's been a pleasure playing with you all. The road goes ever on and on.

    Adenrieth- 100 Lore-Master...gone to Brandywine ~ Evista- 85 Hunter ~ Myrrawen- 85 Minstrel

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    May 2007
    3 Fountain Street, Bromburg, Bree Homesteads
    I'm sad E is closing, though I'm not a native here I did get rank 15 here and more points towards rank than on my original server, Meneldor. E was basically my foster home because of this, my creep was my main and I treated my main freep char on Meneldor as an alt. I had hoped one of the servers I called home would stay open, mainly because E has it's own unique history that I couldn't believe turbine would just throw it away, and Meneldor was the first alpha server so the history of that speaks for itself, again I didn't think turbine would move against two such unique server. Unfortunately both didn't make the cut and now I find myself getting trolled on other servers by people having already taken my names (freep and creep in some cases since 2009). At this point despite efforts to try and get a dev response, tickets in game, and postings on the forums it would seem the easier option would just be to disappear again and never spend another cent on the game, since Turbine has obviously chosen to take the easy route and only keep the top 5 servers (2 in my opinion shouldn't have made it but this is where we are at) despite the feelings of all the actual paying customers they are inconveniencing, I myself have put thousands of dollars into this game and feel extremely disenchanted atm. I will always cherish the times playing on this server, so I thank the community for that and hope to see some of you guys wherever I end up.
    -Azsouth the Hand of Doom of Elendilmir, Rank 15 Warg
    Originator of the 1st Good 1v1 Thread (Meneldor)

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    Jan 2007
    Boston, MA
    Over 5,200 hours logged on this server split almost evenly between PvE and monster play, and though I've been fairly inactive for the past 5 years I always could count on logging in at random and seeing some remnants of the old community, both freepside and creepside.

    Even though many of those I started playing with way back in 2006 are no longer around, there are plenty of faces left that I can solemnly and gratefully say "thanks for some great times". E has a proud history, and I will remember it as best I can.
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    Jan 2007
    Second star to the right and straight until morning... til you reach Neverland...


    Bye Elendilmir.
    The loss is too big for words.
    My Elendilmir.

    I just can't believe it. And if I were not planning on playing Lotro til its end, I would preserve my characters frozen forever on the server. However I know that the many of my kinship will rally ourselves together to choose a new server. So many friends put into one kinship. The joys of helping each other through content. I spent many nights also mingling through content with random folks of our GLff/World chats. I never would have thunk I'd be in multiple Deeping Wall raids with a league of Japanese players. Or staying up til morning and making buddies with so many Aussies and NZ kiwis.

    Creepside friends are spread around these days, but I send out hugs to 'em all whatever server they may now lurk. Thank you E Creepspeak for so many unexpected friends (? drunken aussies included! ?) fighting off those nasty Freeples! My fondest memory would be Hellnakh escorting Reise and I to Glan Vraig, on our little session play chickens. I wonder if the new hardware could allow Turbine to revive the Moors ChickenPlay event, with some changes to prevent the mass slaughter of chickens just loading on the screen. So much special day packed in that night. A gutsy lil chicken decided to kick my warg, who had taken up guarding the spawn spot with a good number of brave freeples. Hellnakh demanding/pleading with creeps to not kill the chickens. I still remember witnessing reavers firing up Charge and flying in to nuke some poor little level 1 feather bucket... multiple times. Alas...

    I was dusting off my characters on Landy and found a few E folks already over there, dipping their toes in the server. I fear for them if that silly BA continues his E traditions there. thanks fer all the dirt dear Tyrant, along with a side of memories!

    I could continue rambling on, but I must continue to clean up my storage issues on E. Mailbox storage will not be transferred. This is going to require a bloody U-haul™!

    *Huggles* to ya's all! <3 ?
    aka random warg #333
    !<3?!Wargs Rule!!?<3! But only because we have no playable feline races.
    ???s6u!?? 3?!?o?@? ?w ?o m3? @ 3?@ 3s3??
    *s6u!s* ¡?w ?o ?s3!6?@M pu@ 's3ss3??s!w-3?ol 's3s?l3?

    Founder & Altoholic: playing wargies and loremistresses since 2006 SoA beta.*Jingle Jangle!*
    A "lifetime" of play on: Elendilmir (RIP), Crick, Landy, & more.

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    Jul 2007
    Farewell Elendilmir.

    LOTRO, at least for me, will never be the same.
    Ricardofurriel 105 Champion Edved 105 Captain Roovery 105 Minstrel Galathriell 105 Lore-Master EddieVedder 105 Rune-Keeper

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    Aug 2007
    Brisbane, Australia
    What's left of Hall of Fire are looking to Gladden
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    E d h e l l r e t h | ~

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    May 2009
    Goodbye E and E peoples.

    My friends had almost retired when I noticed. I haven't decided where I want to go because I am inactive now.
    Maybe... Japanese community will transfer to either C or G server.
    Bazain, R14 Rune-keeper / Rones, R12 Lore-master - Yarareru mae ni yare -


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