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The requests have not been ignored. There have been a lot of responses from Turbine. There have also been a number of improvements.

* Neighborhoods have a mailbox anyone can use at the central hub (remember, they didn't always have this).
* Escrow can be accessed from any banker, not only from special escrow NPCs.
* Houses are no longer locked down forever by inactive players. They are eventually foreclosed and returned to the market. This is no small update.
* Houses now have a single chest with full bank functionality (tabs you can name, searching, filtering, etc.). This is HUGE. No more running around trying to remember which chest things are in, much better organization of shared resources, less clutter in the house, etc.
* All houses can now have more total storage space.
* Standard houses can now have as much storage space as deluxe ones, so there's no penalty if your favorite house is small and cute.
* Unique items can now be stored in chests.
* There are many new house decoration items available, including two for Special hooks.

Turbine has been moving slowly, releasing upgrades as they go instead of making everyone wait for an uber-patch. The progress may not be as fast as you would like, but denying they have made any progress is ridiculous. While we were waiting for housing upgrades, we did get mounted combat, new zones, improved travel options, Laila's Market, epic battles at Helm's Deep, daily Hobbit gifts, the Bounder's server-wide events, and so much more.

I realize that Turbine made us think we would have more housing upgrades this year. I understand that they promised upgrades in the past that didn't happen. I'm just saying it's a terrible exaggeration to claim that they ignore us and don't give us anything.

The year's not over. Perhaps we'll see more improvements before the end of the year. If not, we might at least hear some news from Turbine. I'm willing to bet, however, that if they think they'll get flamed no matter what they post, we won't get any news at all.
Most of those changes were easy and should have been there from the beginning.

Short of eliminating the hook system, which will never happen, housing in this game is a complete failure. They could do a work around and make every square inch of every house 'hooked' and then you would get some sort of personalized placement but it still wouldnt be free placement, which ANY MMO in this generation should have.

They should call up Trion and ask them how much they have made on housing since RIFT went F2P a few months ago. I would bet they (Trion) made more in housing in that stretch than Turbine made on copy sales of this last expansion, and that isnt hyperbole. Several people have openly admitted to spending over 5K cash money on dimensions (rift housing) alone, that doesnt include the hundreds/thousands of others who have spent 100 bux or more. Housing and creating your own space/story is what MMOs used to be about. So the old school players who remember that, and the ones with the disposable real world funds take advantage of it when they can.

Turbine or WB or whomever is making the money decisions obviously doesnt grasp that. Sure it might cost some money up front to trash the current housing system and re do it completely differently, but the long term benefits outweigh that by a lot. But at this juncture who knows. The status quo is this game will last forever, but the shelf life to me looks a lot shorter than that. But housing and introducing new stuff to it is something that 'ending' the story wont affect in the slightest, and would be an obvious source of any future income.

I gave up expecting much from them just because you can only be disappointed so many times. Housing was really a no brainer for them and from the first time it appeared it was obvious it was just a bastardization of what they had in Ascherons Call (an at the time 9 year old game). They didnt even bother to use a more 'modern' version like they have in D&D. Which was in 2008 (when housing came to this game) outdated and old. Either way I doubt any 'major' changes happen. I imagine they think selling extra chest space and kicking people out who havent played ion years were 'good enough'.