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    I love decorating my houses, but there are a lot of things missing for me.
    1. More slots, or not so limited with the sizes. OR:
    1.5. No slots, free movement to place your furniture. On a type of grid.
    2. Crafting facilities in the neighbourhood.
    3. Maybe even an auctioneer.
    4. House bound to account. So not only one owner, all your characters own that house, so no problems with removing your chars anymore.
    5. A stable in the neighbourhood with swift travels to the mayor cities.
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    Upgrade needed

    The housing system definitely needs an upgrade. I'd like to see, in order of most wanted:

    Hookless decoration. Houses currently are pretty bare, particularly the Kinship halls, with the current method. I don't think it would be to major an overhall to convert to a grid-based placement, which would be a lot less restricting. I have horded tons of cool items and I'd like to display them.

    An 'outfit wardrobe' item. It would be nice to, rather than build outfits from scratch at my shared vault every time I want a new adventuring look, to build a complete outfit and save it at my house (or the vault).

    An outfit display item. Show off and pose all those outfits you design. Maybe even hold some 'best outfit' competitions.

    Build you own house. Rather than have a choice of normal or deluxe house, you can start with a simple house and add certain rooms and chambers for a truely unique building. Same for Kin halls. Some unique rooms might be you own underground vault for massive personal storage of all that loot.

    Additional unique neighborhoods. It would be interesting to have additional neighborhoods in some of the higher level areas. Low level alts can visit but, when exiting the neighborhood, are ported to an appropriete area. New areas could be: Rivendell, Moria (it needs to be recolonized!), (skipping lothlorian, not lore-friendly), Various placed in Rohan. Some alternate layouts of current nieghborhoods might be nice too.

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    Simply getting rid of "Thin" furniture category restriction: consolidate those hooks with "Small" furniture hooks. Make their item placements interchangeable.

    A realistic and modest suggestion - but it would go such a long way towards adding more variety in item placement, and increasing options.
    Currently "Small" furniture hooks are too limited, and limiting.
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    I would like to have the opportunity to decorate my own house with my favorite legendary weapons (those I don't use any more but I don't want to throw them away for good) and worn armor or fancywork in order to not spamming your chest or bankaccount. In away that every own charater can use and change them.

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    I would love hookless decoration, and weapon/armour racks to hold all the awesome gear I've hoarded. I wish there was something to bring people back to the housing areas; they're most often completely deserted
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    /signed cause there is hope for better times...

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    I'd like to see different types of house. How about instead of buying the house you buy the land & then select the kind of house you want? Have 1 style for each of the 4 free peoples. And have an annual festival located in the housing zones only. You could have 1 house for each alt but up to a maximum of 4 per account & each house has to be in a different housing zone ie 1 in the dwarven zone, 1 in the elven zone & so forth.

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    Ok, signed twice cause my message was too short.
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    /signed and would even pay for good changes like above stated

    But somehow not believing in a change anymore...
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    Wanna have more chest slots and more outdoor slots for thropy !
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    I think it would be cool to have a new Homestead. "The Rohan Homestead". With the Mead Halls as our Kin houses.

    Can have the Homestead part of the one of the rohan towns or part of the Hybolt rebuild.

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    I cant wait for helms deep.
    Not because of helms deep, but because the next thing on schedule is the Housing revamp.

    Still thousands of ideas and dreams but not yet a single word of what we have to expect.

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    Larger houses, and more housing areas.

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    For what it's worth, I'd like an upgrade.

    Unfortunately, considering this thread is almost 6 years old (ie: almost as old as the game itself)... well... :/ That said, I don't know what, if any, changes have taken place over the past 6 years. I've only been here for a bit less than half that much time. Perhaps the concerns addressed in the OP were taken care of long ago. But in a general "we'd love an upgrade" type of a thing, I would agree to that. I think I remember seeing a blue-name say that these sorts of threads are often not looked upon well (especially with words like petition in them), though I might be wrong on that...
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    What's needed.

    • More Hooks
    • More Flexibilty in hooks
    • Swift Travel to at least starter zones
    • Dummys to Put Amrour on to display
    • Plauqes to mount weapons on
    • Maybe earnable crafting stations

    I know scholar makes paintings, woodworker makes furniture etc, but years ago I saw someone suggest painting as a hobby, seems better than fishing as a decorating hobby :P Off the top of my head..

    • Painter
    • Sculptor (maybe sculpt mobs by targeting in the wild to make a sketch etc) just reuse models :P
    • Weaver (rugs)

    Could be a way for you to get people into lower zones to fill it out.

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    Thumbs up


    I have a dream: remake in house system this century.

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    We need the housing revamp ASAP!

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    they need a free roam system like rift has lets you put stuff anywhere from what i can tell form rift housing system

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    need to get sapience on this but um sap their a known issue with housing chest upgrade you cannot upgrade 60 to 75 with gold its asking for mithril coins is this a bug it seems it is

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    More than one house per server

    I don't know if it is possible, with the potential for neighborhood crowding issues, but being able to have a home for the different races I play (my dwarf? going home to Duillond?? ha!) would be so much fun!

    That and more flexibility in furniture placement would be so nice! For instance, I have a chair sitting in front of a fireplace with a table and books nearby, such a restful spot after a big questing day-- but the books are not actually near enough to reach! Those little touches of detail that we are spoiled with in other parts of the game, in our houses too? Would be wonderful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trogg View Post
    I cant say strongly enough that we need a better system than housing wall hangers. Simply there is just not enough spots to put all the cool stuff. I propose one of two things must be done please.

    1. Please give us more spots to hang,place, and display our housing items.

    2. Better than that would be to let us put our interior items wherever we like. Please do away with interior hangers all together. Housing in other games do it, so I know Turbine as good as they are can do it too. I understand the outdoor scenario, but inside we should be able to decorate at will to a certain number of items.

    /sign Trogg
    one other thing I would love to see is being able to place things on tables, ie..flower decorations, I really don't think they belong on the floor. And also if the could change the rohan decorations especially from hyboldt, bookcases and such don't belong in the middle of the room...they should be a large wall space.

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen1981 View Post
    need to get sapience on this but um sap their a known issue with housing chest upgrade you cannot upgrade 60 to 75 with gold its asking for mithril coins is this a bug it seems it is
    I thought I had seen this somewhere also, but its not the case according to Turbine when I called today regarding another hosing problem I found, which I put in another thread.....They told me we could only buy up to 60 spaces on a personal house with ingame gold and 90 on a kin with ingame gold....I would sure like to know if this is accurate or not? I know we can purchase above that with mitril coins but I heard/read somewhere bout the 75...would be nice!

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    I've been playing this game on and off for years. The one consistent request I've seen from the community is better housing. Why the game developers have not responded to this baffles me. Not only would a housing upgrade appease your current players, but I bet it would draw in quite a few more. Why is this request being ignored? Anyone?

  24. Weren't we supposed to get a housing revamp this year?
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    The requests have not been ignored. There have been a lot of responses from Turbine. There have also been a number of improvements.

    * Neighborhoods have a mailbox anyone can use at the central hub (remember, they didn't always have this).
    * Escrow can be accessed from any banker, not only from special escrow NPCs.
    * Houses are no longer locked down forever by inactive players. They are eventually foreclosed and returned to the market. This is no small update.
    * Houses now have a single chest with full bank functionality (tabs you can name, searching, filtering, etc.). This is HUGE. No more running around trying to remember which chest things are in, much better organization of shared resources, less clutter in the house, etc.
    * All houses can now have more total storage space.
    * Standard houses can now have as much storage space as deluxe ones, so there's no penalty if your favorite house is small and cute.
    * Unique items can now be stored in chests.
    * There are many new house decoration items available, including two for Special hooks.

    Turbine has been moving slowly, releasing upgrades as they go instead of making everyone wait for an uber-patch. The progress may not be as fast as you would like, but denying they have made any progress is ridiculous. While we were waiting for housing upgrades, we did get mounted combat, new zones, improved travel options, Laila's Market, epic battles at Helm's Deep, daily Hobbit gifts, the Bounder's server-wide events, and so much more.

    I realize that Turbine made us think we would have more housing upgrades this year. I understand that they promised upgrades in the past that didn't happen. I'm just saying it's a terrible exaggeration to claim that they ignore us and don't give us anything.

    The year's not over. Perhaps we'll see more improvements before the end of the year. If not, we might at least hear some news from Turbine. I'm willing to bet, however, that if they think they'll get flamed no matter what they post, we won't get any news at all.
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