I just let an abandoned kin decay past 55 days ( http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...nship-dissolve ), and 2 things became apparent:

1) There definitely was no mail notification to officers nor members. (Can't speak to successors, none had been designated.)


2) The current choice of wording is misleading...

  • "...If the successor does not usurp leadership within 10 days, all officers of the kinship receive a mail informing them that any officer can usurp leadership.

  • If no officer usurps leadership within 20 days, all members of the kinship receive a mail informing them that any member can usurp leadership..."

"20 days" from when? When officers first can usurp, like the Successor had 10 days? Nope - it's from when the Successor could have usurped - a poor choice of phrasing, b/c officers don't have 20 days, only 10 before the next phase kicks in.

Each stage is given 10 days before the next stage kicks in - successor, officers, members. So, a less ambiguous presentation might be something like...
  • Day 0 - Kin Leader stops logging in

  • Day 35* - Successor able to usurp

  • Day 45* - Officers able to usurp

  • Day 55* - Any Member able to usurp

  • Day 65* - Kin disbanded

    (* Days since the kin Leader's last log-on. ''Days'' are measured at midnight, not to the exact multiple of 24 hours since the Leader logged out.)