Kingship: Last Great Alliance
Forum site: lgaforums.com
(Add leader in game, and register for forums on the link above)

Who We Are:

This is a all level Kingship. We welcome even the noobiest players. We are a world wide communuty.

We are a eventful and warring Kingship. We have forums for members and leaders to post events. It doesnt matter if your a member or a leader. You can still host a event.

There are a lot more topics to view if your are a registerd member on this forum. We even talk about investments in real life.

We have links of websites located in more then one area of the forums for guides. Or you can view some of the written ones.
We are a community of all races.

We try to remain event full so the Kingship does not die. We try to give this Kingship an excitement to life in the game.

Thanks. I will leave this topic open for others to post in on who we are. We will leave it to the allies and members and leaders of the Kingship to write in this post.

We are open to all. Come join.