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    Re: Introduceing the Elendilmir Freep PvMP Guide [WIP]

    Great guide! This will help this PvMP newbie learn what to do! Thanks for the tip Pweep!

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    Re: Introduceing the Elendilmir Freep PvMP Guide [WIP]

    Glad there's a guide for Freep's in the moors couple things I think should be added are:

    - A reference to the brilliant spirit stones (item link)
    - A mention that there's a chance (however small) that brilliant/luminous/glimmering spirit stones can drop from the Quartermasters chests - Token of Valour hand ins.
    - The guardian guide seemed very small. Include something along the lines of - "If you're the only guard in a group and are with healers, equip your sword and board and be ready to shield wall the first focus fired healer when creeps arrive." Toggle your shield wall before dying of course and if with LM's expect that wargs will be mezzed/rooted and not to attack them.
    - There should be some mention about preferred legacies on two handers and class items both for over power and shield stance, as well.

    Maybe something giving some clear instructions on how to create an open party in the lotro looking for group display.
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    Re: Introduceing the Elendilmir Freep PvMP Guide [WIP]

    I've been dabbling in bringing my RK out to experience the moors from the freep side - is the vent info in this guide still valid, and are any of the administrators listed still around regularly? My guardian was out there a couple of times back in SoM days and I had a vent login somewhere at some point, so if it's still the same server it was 3 years ago there might be an account for Druni lingering there.

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    This thread is also amazing! Just WOW!


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