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    Starting a Lore-master

    I've always been a shoot em' up bang-bang type, but I feel like a Lore-Master would be a nice new change of pace, any suggestions on where to start, what vocation to pick, any help at all would be great!

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    Re: Starting a Lore-master

    Pick and choose your fights carefully. Soloing as a Loremaster is about planning. Always send your pet in first, to get the aggro. Don't be afraid to use your debuffs and CC (blinding flash, cracked earth, herblore etc.) to lock down targets. I would always suggest using the Raven over the Bear owing to its higher flanking rate, which can give you a nice heal with Wizard's Fire.

    As for your vocation, Explorer, Woodsman, Scholar or Tinker are, to me, solid choices.

    Explorer: you can craft you own armor, and some money on the side selling ores/excess hides and wood on the AH.
    Woodsman: you can make your own staff.
    Scholar: you can make your own LM parables, LM books etc.
    Tinker: you can make your own jewelry, pet talismans and the like and with the Cook vocation your own pet food.
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    Re: Starting a Lore-master

    Historian used to be the way to go, but with the recent changes to LM reviving requirements its not necessary anymore. I'd go with the woodworker and forester vocation (i think it's called explorer). You can make some good staves for yourself or you could go jeweler too. First thing you wanna learn as an Lm is to properly flank and then how to CC properly. Using sign of power command frequently is essential. Fire lore and wind lore will always help your fellowship by lowering damage enemies output. Blinding Flash is your best friend when you know you are going to fight lots of mobs. If you have the trait for it too, you can almost permanently mez an enemy till you want to deal with him. Just make sure not to hit the mob after you mez it. LM is a tough class, but the most fun IMO

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    Re: Starting a Lore-master

    Tinker is very useful, jewelry, hope tokens, cosmetic pet tomes and being able to pick up ore is great. Sell the common and keep the uncommon for jewelcrafting. The cook aspect lets you make pet food and always having food on hand for a squishy class is pretty handy. A guilded cook makes a morale relic that sells quite consistently. If you happen to have a farmer, it's reasonably inexpensive to level.

    I think the LM is now my favorite class to play, but it can be discouraging at first as it's a very late bloomer. Go for morale and vit as a main stat through the lower levels as some of your skills use morale as well as power. Very squishy to start with, so just stack morale and worry about fate and will later on. Pet flanks are important to heal yourself. The sound is a small bell-like chime and the animation is pink arrows pointing inwards to the mob. You have about a seven second window to use your skill before the flank effect times out, so you do have time! Birds and the bog pet flank like crazy. The bear, lynx and others don't flank as often. (At least not for me)

    LMs start to solidify at 30, with the lynx doing some great damage. Pre-30 can be pretty tough. Taking each fight patiently and methodically, especially before you get the big damage skills is important to enjoying the class. Use every pet you get to learn what situations they will be most useful in, it's easy to get attached to one and not be familiar with the skills of another pet. Waiting until crunch time isn't a relaxing way to learn! At 50ish, it really starts to be what it feel like it should be. I think a good rule of thumb for a new LM is "Don't be hasty"

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    Re: Starting a Lore-master

    Quote Originally Posted by Daragh View Post
    I think a good rule of thumb for a new LM is "Don't be hasty"
    Indeed, take your time for learning all your skills, even if it seems that other classes level faster. I don't know if you plan to do endgame content with your LM, but if you do, you have to know all your skills and "jobs" in a fellowship. What job you have to fill in, depends on the instance and on what the raidleader wants you to do. And expect him/her to expect you to do your job well

    Regarding vocations, I guess many of them are of use for a LM or for any other class. I picked Historian when I started. Weaponsmith is not really useful (well, you can make your own off-hand sword eventually, but some quest-rewarded swords are just better), farmer was useful until they removed the need for Sweet Shireleaf pipeweed to rez ppl... So scholar remains, being able to make your potions, scrolls, parables, legendary loremaster book (scholar's guild). Scholar is probably more lore-friendly, but from a practical point of view, other vocations are probably more effective.

    Have fun being a LM and good luck in your adventures.

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