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    Hunter Resources

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    Re: Hunter Resources


    Read it, learn it, live it.

    Best explanation of focus burn strategies I have seen.

    For all your Virtue Questions and Answers
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    Re: Hunter Resources

    I would add:

    [link removed- no longer available]

    Good resource for post MoM thoughts.
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    Re: Hunter Resources

    kerryak created a very useful post:

    What Every Hunter Should Know
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    Re: Hunter Resources

    Made a Style Guide for the Hunter Class and didnt see anyone else sticky it so Ima put it on here.

    A Hunter Style Guide by Pariah
    Pariah Amistacia - Nimrodel - Leader of the Devils of Angmar

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    Re: Hunter Resources

    Saw this linked in another thread and was surprised it isn't posted in the sticky here:

    Focus Burn in SoM

    Hope others find the discussion as useful as I did.

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    All about hunters:http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Hunter
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