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    Legendary Item Framework Legacies - Captain - advice requested

    Hi folks,

    As I near endgame I am now looking to start working on my level 100 LI's.
    During my questing, I have amassed a grand selection of level 100 Legacies that I have extracted from the various looted(and levelled) LI's.

    Due to all the "recent" changes, I must admit I am a tad overwhelmed by all the new/different legacy choices!

    I was wondering whether some of you knowledgeable cappies could post a few of the 'baseline' legacies that should be on weapons and class items depending on role?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and perhaps we can get some decent dialogue going regarding good frameworks for class rolls/legacy choice.

    Thank you.
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    It depends on what you want to do.

    There are some Threads that handle this problem.
    Also different Options and Opinions.
    Imbrueing change some Legacies !!!

    I use 2 Sets, one for tanking that isnt imbrued and one for everything else.

    On my Imbrued Set i use:

    Halberd with Might and Moral. (Crit would the 3rd wishable Headstat, but...)
    (+37 Might+Beleriand from Snowborn, because of the increasement by 296 for each Masteries)
    -Melee Skills Crit Damage
    -Cutting Attack Damage
    -Grave Wound Damage
    -Battle Hardend Outgoing Heal Buff (Was Pressing Attacks Max Targets)
    -Cpatain Area Effect Healing
    -Bleed Damage
    -Blade of Elendil Damage

    (Crit+Lighttyp Damage from Dol A.)
    -Healing Crit Magnitude
    -Rallying Cry Healing
    -Vocal Skill Healing
    -Sure Strike Damage
    -Bleed Skills Critical Damage (was Bleed Pulses)
    -Devasting Blow n Pressing Attack Damage
    -Light Type Damage

    Shadows Lament would be an other option for me, but i do not want a pure dps Weapon.
    SL does Light Type Damage and is only in Red useable. So i go the Light Type Way with the Weapon Title. Sure Strike is often used so i prefer that Skill.
    Healing will Support the whole group, that is my main intention so the 3 Healing Legacies are fixed. As the 2 on the Weapon also.

    On my Tank Set i want to have, so i do not imbrue it.
    On the Sword:
    - Pressing Attacks Max Targets
    Will become "Battle Hardend Outgoing Heal Buff" after Imbrue
    For bigger Groups, as I use the Imbrued one for around 5 Targets and less.

    On the Symbol:
    Shield of the Dunedain Duration.
    Will become "Shield of the Dunedain incoming Healing" after Imbrue

    I own also a Buffset
    The Weapon with Make Haste and
    A Symbol with Time for Need.

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    Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!
    “A hunted man sometimes wearies of distrust and longs for friendship.”



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