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    Quote Originally Posted by Geran1992 View Post
    Could I possibly join you guys? I recently started my account up again. Just want a nice community to hop into for a while. In-game name is Morvit.
    The application you submitted on our web site has been accepted.
    Turduckenshak - Rank 12 Warleader, Maelefiel - Rank 11 Weaver, Skrotgash - Rank 10 BA, Heartworm - Rank 11 Stalker

    Assorted Level 100 Freeps I have no interest in playing anymore.

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    Who should I contact in-game for a kinship invite? Been trying to message Inflexible, but I'm sure he's not always on Inflexible, seeing as how he has a lot of alts x.x

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    Sorry about that. I've been doing a lot of toon hopping lately for leveling and dailies. You can find me on Inflexible, Repulse or Barham.
    Turduckenshak - Rank 12 Warleader, Maelefiel - Rank 11 Weaver, Skrotgash - Rank 10 BA, Heartworm - Rank 11 Stalker

    Assorted Level 100 Freeps I have no interest in playing anymore.

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    We are running BG runs atleast twice a week now.. Likely three this week. Come join an active family style kin on Ark.

    IF you have any questions or wish to join.. Look at our website or find me (Bule, Haugola, Reiaku) or one of my awesome officers.


    HnE is recruiting. see www.haruelo.com!

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    Just bumping this one up!

    HnE is still active nightly and always is looking for people. Come join a longstanding kin with good members! Feel free to reach out to myself (Haugola) or any of my officers...



    HnE is recruiting. see www.haruelo.com!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tssatt2 View Post
    Ok, so I'm horrible at advertising. We were founded in June '07 and this was only my second post on the Lotro Forums. Sigh... So here we go.

    The Haruchai and The Elohim was formed late one night because I couldn't find a kin that was doing what I needed at the time. The whole reason The Haruchai and The Elohim exists is because I felt a Kinship should work together and help each other as much as possible.

    Because I don't advertise, membership used to be kinda bouncy. Most of our kin invites came after fellowing. A good majority of those were invited by me personally back in the day. With our current group of officers getting their fingers into all aspects of middle-earth our membership is pretty strong right now.

    Let me get this out of the way now before I go any further. We are not a raiding kin, we are merely a kin that likes to raid. That being said, we try to do Runs for whatever people need. Friday and Saturday nights are usually devoted to 12-man content though so getting a group for a daily 3 or 6 man wouldn't be as easy on a Friday or Saturday as would on another day of the week. Not always the case though. We've hit all the 12-man content in one night before and usually when we get done 12-man stuff we break off into 3 and 6 mans for a couple quick runs before bed.

    We don't have any strict rules. We're very relaxed. We don't kick players just cause they haven't played in a while. We only ask that members be willing to help out every now and then. Most of Our officers play daily and are pretty well versed in most areas of the game. We have no specific criteria for joining. Just ask. We'd like to get more experienced players but we welcome rookies with open arms as well. We do have somewhat strict guidelines for officers that we review on a fairly frequent basis. We want the best possible people being kin representatives.

    Yes we have vent
    Yes we have a kinhouse
    Yes we have a site http://www.haruelo.com(*NEW AND IMPROVED Yet AGAIN :P*(6th iteration, rofl))

    We're willing to help out with just about anything anytime as long as we don't have previous commitments.

    Although we used to struggle due to numbers, we still did great because we have a lot of experience behind us. I've helped out so many people over the years that I've personally collected knowledge from almost all areas/instances/quests and continue to do so.

    We have Several masters of every Craft that only need mats and They'll make whatever you want. I myself have one that's kindred with crafting guild of every profession.

    We don't like drama. I had to make a tough choice of coaxing a long time friend to leave because he had a penchant for starting drama.

    To Sum it up, we try to offer a little something for everybody. One of my biggest things that I try to portray most of all to the kin is that it is OUR Kin not any one person's Kin and as such, any member has the right to change something that's wrong.

    As a sidebar, I personally have not had the amount of time I'd like to spend with the kin. In January of 2012 I took a 6-month Hiatus in which time Eluros stepped into the leadership role. All was well until I came back and Eluros ran into the same kind of RL issue that I did. The leadership was passed to Haugola in July and all has been well since. I still play play a very active role in the officer team both on our site and in-game when time allows it, but at this juncture Haugola is the best man for the job. That being said, our entire officer team work well together and communicate often to bring swift and just resolution to any issue that may arise.

    Sorry for being Long-winded. Maybe that's why I don't advertise.
    Well it sure has been a long time since anyone posted in here and even longer since this thread was started and our kin was founded and I thought the best way to reintroduce ourselves would be through the efforts of our founder, T. Things have changed in terms of who plays, but H&E still has an active base of around 6 or 7 people who group, with the pretty occasional 12-14 people to run content.

    So I'd like to formally put it back out on the forums, that H&E is looking for new members. We welcome anyone from the experienced to the very new. We are a relaxed kin who are fairly close and enjoy talking to, and running content with each other.
    If you'd like to check us out or talk more in depth, you can send a tell or in game mail to myself or any other officer you see.

    Artalay. Artamael. Artyah. Gillyn. Mithose.


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