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    . . . the Bile-Spewers in the Lone Lands actually bent over and spewed worms onto the ground when you killed them, rather than having the worms magically appear at their feet. The current version has been "PC"ed for the kiddies.
    Hamlet was right . . . but so was P.T. Barnum!

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    These kids today...they have no idea the hardships we faced when LOTRO was young.

    Back in my day, you walked to the Misty Mountains. Uphill! Both ways! In a snow storm! There weren't stables every twenty paces and death mean't a good long walk in the snow again.

    From the very beginning you saved every scrap of coin you could get your hands on because you needed all of it to make the 4.5G needed to purchase your horse at level 35! Unless there was a stable headed in your direction, you walked before then. Having ANY horse was a status symbol.

    I remember wandering into the Old Forest with a friend who was a hunt. Hunts were even more dangerous back then. Not because of their dps, but due to their tendency to aggro the entire world. I still remember those epic words from my hunt friend, "Hey look at this...I can target this tree? Weird." To which I tried to reply, "Oh wait! That is probably a...." sssffffttt!! "Oh ####! RUN!"

    For our kinship, it was a rite of passage to fall or jump off of Weathertop. It started on accident. But then became a traditional initiation rite. Because back then, Weathertop was the highest point in the game.

    I remember walking up the path with another kinnie, trying to find out what was in the north part of the Shire at level 9 or so. To my surprise, I saw a champ running the other way being chased by a horde of goblins. I foolishly shot him a heal on his way by, drawing the ire of the mob onto myself. My kinnie friend who was with me decided that he should try out his new stealth ability, leaving me to die a horrible death. Such loyalty.

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    I remember

    I remember every first time. And when new players join the server, I sometimes get envious of them. And every time i go to a special place (and almost every place is special for me) i say to myself "Do you remember your first time here?" And then I answer to me "Yes, I will never forget, it was great."

    @Polymachos: Kraichgau ist schon toll. Ich bin in Bayern aufgewachsen, und ich liebe das Auenland. Es erinnert mich immer an den Anblick aus meinem Kinderzimmer.

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    Yep.At least ,back then,you had something to look forward to.

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    I remember when my cousin and I tried the Red-pass instance and we got stuck at the red wraiths and all of our gear got destroyed and we had to use fishing pools.

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    I remember running chickens to Rivendale and having to make a small detour to grab screenshots at Tom, Bert, and Williams glade.

    "We are all in it together."
    Council of Eriador - Burglar - Brandywine

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    I remember when 1 wise elf told me: "Don't live in the past because the past is long gone & will never return.".

    ~ Check my Kinship at Gladden server: The Fate of Middle Earth ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by YamydeAragon View Post
    I remember when 1 wise elf told me: "Don't live in the past because the past is long gone & will never return.".
    I am afraid that wise elf knew what they were talking about. I have been holding onto a kin that was my first one back in 2008. I hope each day some of the old members will login and see that it is still alive. Sadly no one ever shows up and I am about to give up on the idea.


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