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    how to create a Lorebook Kinship page!

    I noticed the other day the devs have done away with the Kinship list post (which was good because it was over a year old!), but have very poor instructions on how to create a Lorebook post of your own.

    I am no programmer, but found a good kinship lorebook layout that works for Blood Lines needs. If you want to use it, here is an easy to follow guide on how to create your own.

    Go to the lorebook. Search for Kinship:your kinships name. Click on "create this page." You can then cut and paste the below template, and edit it for however you want.

    Just a few small things about it. You can edit the PD_5.gif part for 1-5 on however you feel your kin fits on that scale. The .jpgs are already in the system, you just have to put the number in there. As for Category Links, you can edit these however you like for any known categories.

    On the picture, this part gets a bit tricky... Find a picture you want (you need this to be small, like a thumbnail) and go to the lorebook, click "Upload file" in the far bottom left corner. You then find the picture on your hard drive, name it (has to be a unique name!) and upload it to the Lorebook. Remember that name, and put it in the template below where needed.

    You can copy and paste the "officers" part as many times as you like to add more officers, I only have one below to save space. something like this
    |align="center"| ''officer name1'' ||align="center"|officer class
    |align="center"| ''officer name2'' ||align="center"|officer class

    After you edit something, just preview to make sure it looks good , and you should be good to go.

    Copy and paste the template, then edit as needed for everything below this line.

    |kinship = add kin name here
    |server = Firefoot
    |founder = add founders here
    |founded = add founded date here
    |kinsize = add kinsize here
    |kintype1 = add kintype here
    |kintype2 = add kintype here
    |kintype3 = add kintype here
    |recruitment = add recruitment here
    |minlevel = add min level here
    |achievements = PD_1.gif
    |cooperation = PD_2.gif
    |roleplaying = PD_3.gif
    |events = PD_4.gif
    |crafting = PD_5.gif
    |pvmp = PD_5.gif
    |raiding = PD_5.gif
    |kindesc = add kin description here
    |emblem = [[Image: place uploaded images name here.jpg]]

    == About Us ==
    add about us here.

    ===Kin Website===
    add kin website here.



    {| border="1"
    !----- Kin Leader -----!!-------- Class --------
    |align="center"|''Leaders name'' ||align="center"| Leaders class

    {| border="1"
    |align="center"| '''-------- Name --------'''||align="center"| '''-------- Class --------'''
    |align="center"| ''officer name'' ||align="center"|officer class

    add lifespan info here

    add recruiting info here

    ==Category Links==
    [[Category:Kinships]][[Category:All Kinships]][[Category:Firefoot_Kinships]][[Category:Firefoot:All]][[Category:Firefoot:Friends and Family]][[Category:Firefoot:Raiding]]
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