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    Brandywine Ingredient Crate Locations

    Each of your characters may use one Ingredient Crate and one Premium Ingredient Crate every 22 hours to obtain account-wide Universal Ingredient Packs. These packs may be used in place of regular ingredients for crafting.

    Ingredient Crate: Get 3 Universal Ingredient Packs every day!
    Premium Ingredient Crate: Get 6 Universal Ingredient Packs every day! Only for VIPs.

    The Crates are only available from the LOTRO Store, but you do not need to buy them to use them. You may use any crate at a location where the owner has enabled the "Use Decorations" permission for the public ('Housing Storage' and 'Decorate' lets people take items, but 'Use Decorations' does not).

    Bree-land Homesteads
    Neighbourhood Address Owner Additional Services
    [X] | [X] Farcombe 2 High Road Knight Vendor & all crafting stations
    [X] | [X] Northtor 2 Broadford Street Woard
    [X] | [X] Redstable 9 Chestnut Street Music of the Ainur Vendor & all crafting stations except scholar
    [X] | [X] Wetharrow 5 Long Street Hobbiit
    [X] | [X] Woodmead 2 High Road Grimsol

    Shire Homesteads
    Neighbourhood Address Owner
    [X] | [X] Berrybridge 3 Wending Way Becksworth

    Falathlorn Homesteads
    Neighbourhood Address Owner Additional Services
    [X] | [X] Tathrellond 5 Waterbank Road Casual Raiders
    [X] | [X] Cerin Aewin 2 Waterbank Road Knight/Suzuviel Vendor & all the crafting stations
    [X] | [X] Langlin 4 Haven Way

    Thorin's Hall Homesteads
    None known.
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