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    Ta Da!

    And the shameless mirror shot?!

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    Haldryt R11 Captain

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    Nebriniel - One of the craziest elvish hunters you will ever meet

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    Thandreil, LoTRO champion, actual international quidditch player extraordinaire.

    Looking for a Kin!

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    Grayling, MI

    In my younger, angsty hardcore kid years:

    In my older, still slightly angsty but more "respectable" hardcore kid years:

    [b]Tharbadon[/b] ~ 100 RoM Hunter - Landroval - Dúnedain of The North [color=green][b]**Primary**[/b][/color]
    [b]Haenir[/b] ~ 100 RoM Champion - Landroval - Dúnedain of The North [color=green]*Active*[/color]

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    Rheomir of Rohan.

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    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelmeloo View Post

    Caeliia Faelynn on Landroval Server -- Champion Elf in the Tirn en Taur kinship.
    Not sure why the picture's not working but here is another one:
    {Caeliia - Elf/Champ; Faegamiel - Elf/LM; Esmerelta - Hobbit/Mini; Bellaphire - Hobbit/Hunter; Maefathiel - Elf/RK} -- Landroval

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    And so it begins...

    and then after a couple more...

    No I won't post more... should be enough;yo.
    Fai ciò che ti rende felice.

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    This would be me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witchboudicca View Post
    This would be me.

    your beautiful...

    I like to post my photo to know what you'd find of my beard. not affraid for judgements!

    PS: you may want to zoom out (hold ctrl + scroll)

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    you have the an amazing smile... reminds me so much of my mother

    Quote Originally Posted by HeyDoMerryDew View Post
    This picture is a little old (Sr. picture) and I look quite a bit different now (40 years later) but I couldn't find the recent picture I have... the computer ate it.

    Found it

    This is most hilarious thing i've seen here

    Quote Originally Posted by RykertheStryka View Post
    Me riding my Pony to Isengard lol
    And I am Mysticque, newly transferred to Landy. Nice to meet you all.
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    TGBW playing his Daisy Rock Van Halen endorsed Battle-Axe. Bow down, mortals.

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    Texas, USA

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    helleh and pennyylanes

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    Here's one more creep for you freeps to deal with, I re-unite with my crickhollow squad.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayden102 View Post
    Here's one more creep for you freeps to deal with, I re-unite with my crickhollow squad.


    So you're on Landy? Wow, glad to hear it mate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spilo View Post
    So you're on Landy? Wow, glad to hear it mate!
    Yea just need a PC now

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    Returning to LotRO and starting on Landy- looking forward to it!

    And my only friend:

    Heya! My name is Bruce; I've been playing since right before Helm's Deep came out. Hope to keep playing for many ages to come!

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    Êl sila erin lu e-govaned vin Landroval!! I hear thee! So be it.

    Me. ~

    Slightly modified ,shaved. Increased lightning and added House of Fëanor frame. Only contrast/Lighting effects were added. The facial structure was not changed at all. The picture was taken in January 2018,

    I have successfully transferred from Gladden ~ Landroval several days ago. I originally started with CanaFinwiel and I decided to finally create High Elves only thus I ended with Eight Luminous Ladies of Aman.

    Main character:

    Calaquende Female level 120 High Elf Guardian. High Queen of the Noldor. The Ulimate Authority. Overlord of all Noldor. Raven Black Goddess. The Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira.

    Vanyalanthiriell level 106. Champion High Female Elf.
    Arkenstone {US} High Noldo Princess Second in Command. Blade-master of Túna. Black Rose of Tirion.

    Canafinwiel Captain {Cano} Commander Third in Command Luminous Lady ~ Rîn.Supreme Commander of Calaquende forces at the moment within Landroval.
    Nelyafinwiel Huntress from Ossiriand
    Alaglosfinwiel Rune-Keeper Student of Celebrimbor
    NolmeFinwiel Lore-Master The Ancient-Master of Arda
    Englasfinwiel Warden The Ward of Justice
    Vanyalairien Minstrel The Bard
    Daugleriadhwenhiel Arato

    Inactive Ex Former {Deleted} Characters Silvan Elves


    Vanyalanthiriel Huntress
    Vanyahoneylicious Beorning
    Vahnahntheereeell Lore-Master

    1 Twinfall Path, Rovalhant, Falathlorn Homeesteads. {Landroval}

    I use to "own" dozens of homes.

    I have had around 200+ alternative characters, The Rest are unworthy to mention.

    Ancient as the Stars. You should check my Biography for additional Information!!

    Hast thou considered the Calaquendi kinship only!? Future Cape of Belflas Fortress-kinship Premium house or Island, Events,RP,Music,instances,Lore and so on.. The greats even and plans are set in motion! The house will be almost indentical to my Ex-house of Quenta Noldorinwa {Arkenstone}

    Kinship Advert ~

    'Vedui,Mellyn.Vanda sina termaruva elennanóreo alcar enyalien!"Enyalien Veleriande" ~Proper name (In memory of Beleriand) A Calaquendi(High Elf) only Casual Kinship.Age {21+} Please,Private message "Canafinwiel" for additional information. Role-playing/Lore of Tolkien's Legendarium is greatly encouraged! Fare thee well my kindred the firstborn.May thy radiance never cease to shine.'

    Additional Information:

    My Primary You-tube channel.
    {Fëanáro Curufinwë}

    Ardaranyë Envinyanta Remastered Vanyalanthirel Vanimelda The Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira The Official Forum Thread ~


    Vanyaquenta Calaquende Series ~


    The Greatest Guardian Compilation of Arda ~


    The complete Playlist Edition ~


    The Imgur Album Compendium 15,900+ Images.
    ~ https://vanyalanthiriel.imgur.com/

    Incredible Tolkien Geek,Nerd, Overwhelmingly Passtionate, exaggerated soul.

    Spirit of Fire

    The Eight Luminous Ladies of Landroval The Final Edition {Character Overview} Far from finished. Tis only the beginning,Randir!


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    I felt a need to share another image from now Archaic days when I was little boy within the Veliki Tabor Castle. Veliki Tabor is a castle and museum in northwest Croatia, dating from the middle of 15th century. The castle's present appearance dates back to the 16th century.
    Most of the castle was built by the Hungarian noble family of Ráttkay, in whose ownership it remained until 1793.

    Me at Age 5. Summer of 1995, Before the Castle renovation.

    Me at Age 26 {November 2016}

    At the Monument in King Tomislav square, Zagreb.

    Tomislav (pronounced [t?misla?], Latin: Tamisclaus) was the first King of Croatia. He became Duke of Croatia in c. 910, was elevated to kingship by 925 and reigned until 928. Should you wish to learn more seek wikia.

    Certain parts of the Northern Croatia is thy dream comes true or Fairly tale in Real life Sincerely! You should travel to Eastern Europe if you can. Where Arda and Witcher World intertwine!!!

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    Jan 2017
    Best behaviour ~

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    Duluth, GA

    Pippadora Smallwick here.
    || Winterlok ||
    || Cloverlily - Minstrel | Cyrsi - Rune-Keeper | Hyldi - Hunter | Nyin - Lore-Master | Pippadora - Burglar ||

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    So I hope to be in game a lot more now that I can play my Rogue-ish Dwarf of the Iron Hills... Amdi! Please feel free to whisper me to say hello! While I've played the game off and on almost since launch, I consider myself a fairly new player, as I never was able to connect with my character, and thus never commit to the community. That changes!

    Me taking a break in a lodge after backpacking in the California sierras:

    Me and the wife (she isn't a LOTR fan... but she sings our daughter to sleep with "May it Be" from Enya- baby steps!):

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    Well lets give this a try

    My main is Thoinneach - LvL 100 Guardian (Former member of the Firefoot Server started playing 07), but here I am in R/L. I been not playing for about 3yrs, and just came back to the game. Mainly play early in the mornings USA EST, before work.

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