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    LotRO MIDI Player and MIDI to ABC converter

    I created a program with some MIDI-related features for LotRO.
    • Play MIDI songs in-game.
    • Export MIDI songs into ABC files to share with others, or make multi-part versions of the original song to play with a group of friends.
    • Connect an external MIDI piano as an alternative to using your computer keyboard.

    Project Home Page | Run LotRO MIDI Player now

    I recommend that you read through the info on the home page before using it for the first time.

    Current version: (June 8, 2008)
    See version history | Discuss latest version

    LotRO MIDI Player is open source under the MIT License.
    View Source | Checkout instructions

    The ABC export feature is still a work in progress. It's specifically designed to create ABC files that are usable by LotRO, and the files it generates shouldn't generate any errors in-game. Since the program has to quantize the note timing before converting to ABC, it can butcher rhythms in some songs.

    The MIDI piano feature does essentially the same thing as MIDI2KEY (from what I can tell by reading the description of that program). However, no configuration files are needed -- LotRO MIDI player automatically reads your keyboard configuration from LotRO's settings file.

    Use this thread for questions, comments, and any problems you have with the program.

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