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    this thread gave me memories i never had.. its amazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by FyreBrand View Post
    This is a totally awesome thread. Ah memories of how TABA and Legends used to zerg the moors with ~Windyzerg ganking greenies and that one dude that couldn't figure out how to pwn with a lore-master when LMs were facerolling gods. This is a great thread.
    I never noticed this comment. FearBrand was the original big talker that would never back it up on the server. The OP in this thread was the runner-up and Ez is the new bannerguard. Now *those* are good memories (and in Ez's case, memories in the making).

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    Pretty sure this thread was just a quagmire from start. It makes sense at least, giving who made it.
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    I did notice that with those old school pics that i was there but. . . was defeated lol. Good times indeed :P
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    Quite the immense nostalgic feeling when looking at these pics. I think I shall take a walk down memory lane.
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    I love these kind of threads. I was just telling all the Wolf Lords in vent how awesome these days were. </3 and <3

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    This is truly Nimrodel's time capsule and I now petition the mods to sticky please!

    Please post if you think so too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gladgilrian View Post
    This is truly Nimrodel's time capsule and I now petition the mods to sticky please!

    Please post if you think so too.
    Ridiculous notion...
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    As someone who only read the last three posts on this thread I would like to say


    Edit: oh man theres some quality posts on here. I saw fireborn's rank 9 mustache take a screenshot of a bunch of old pvpers! ( I actually saw Zyle's burg in it! Toobad it wasn't his guardian... that would've have been REALLY old.
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    Lolbump. So, any of you buggerers bother to move to other servers? If so, where'd you end up?
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    rolled the dice on Landroval

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    Quote Originally Posted by putnal008 View Post
    If it gets out of control I will immediately request for the thread to be locked down and if possible, deleted.

    Gurthag is a coward and an idiot.


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