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Thread: Girl Gamers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Araphorn View Post
    Apparently not! We have another female playing a Warden here, goes by the name Praetoriann (Stenia). She would love to meet you and have Warden discussions with you.

    Yes, that would be cool. =)
    I feel so loved<3

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    I'd be interested in an active girly kinship, it makes me sad to generally be the only person in my kinship online 95% of the time these days. It seems the game is emptying out, or people are moving onto other MMOs.
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    Oh! Fun thread! I began playing this game a little over a year ago after my husband and I married. It was a great way to do something together, and I became hooked. He went on to other things, and I stayed here. I only get freebies from kinmates and a few friends I've made in game, but those are ladies and men. Other than the occasional, "What's your bra size?" question, I've really enjoyed the community and found a great kinship within my server to join. I also play female and male (mostly dwarven) characters. It's actually super fun to group up and have a female voice coming over voice chat from a dwarf Enjoy your adventures in Middle Earth, Ladies!

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    Girls don't play WOW!!!

    Sorry, flashbacks. It was always a running joke when I played World of Warcraft (I played for 6 years), because I belonged to a family guild that was probably 30-40% female. And no it wasn't just guys pretending to be. We had teamspeak and I've met several of them in person and am still good friends with most of them even though I switched to LOTRO about 2 years ago.

    I'm 31 and I've been gaming long enough that I had an Atari and the first computer based RPG I played was mainly text based. And yes I have played pencil and paper D&D. I was lucky to have parents that while they may have tended toward "traditional roles" most of the time, were both perfectly fine with taking care of whatever needed done. We were raised to believe that we could do and be whatever we wanted if we worked at it and I played video games and sports and did any number of other "guy" things growing up.

    Having been in the Navy, in an electronics field, for the past 13 years, I've seen the predominately guy world outside of gaming as well. Often it's other women even more than the men that you get the "Really?!?" reactions from. So all I have to say is do what you like, do what you're good at good at, and everyone else can just mind their own dang business

    GAME ON!

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    The best warden player I have ever seen was a female, who unfortunately quite a couple of years ago. I don't think I've seen any of the "female" type comments or whatever in LotRO, but I don't PvMP, is that a PvMP issue? Anyway, I used to see it all the time back when I played EverQuest, I think because back then, most players were male, so a lot of female toons were being played by men.

    I think it helps that LotRO characters are not designed to be overtly "mature" (so to speak), as they are in a lot of MMO's.

    My warden just hit 54, lol. I picked her back up again to play with my hubby, and didn't realize how much I was going to enjoy it. The ability to go back and forth between range and melee made a huge difference for me. I think it was mostly mental, though, because I mostly melee, anyway.
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    Looking For Static Leveling Partner

    Not sure where to post this. Here looks as good as anywhere else. Returning to Lotro after a 4 year break. Decided to start from scratch on a new server. Im looking for a static leveling partner. Preferably female, friendly and mature (30+), able to use vent, and can put in at least 20 hours or more a week (stay at home mom or retiree would be ideal). Ive done this half a dozen times over the years and still keep in touch and remain friends with them all.

    I can provide my own vent server (50), over 10 years raid experience across multiple mmo's and roles, extensive leveling experience (literally dozens of characters from Wow to Lotro to Gw2 and everything in between), and I will commit to helping you get that alt or 1st character all the way to level 85. If interested contact me in-game via mail to Riftwarr. I will check in-game mail daily but this post will be repeated on several other hi pop servers so respond quick if interested.

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    Looking at this thread after asking do women play lotro on Google and it seems no one has posted for 3 yrs is that cause all the women left of is it that the thread is so old no one can see it to post on it.
    I am a regular player I play most days for a few hours a day so I would say I am a gamer. I rarely play anything else on my PC but this game as I find the environment so immersive and interesting. It really helps me relax and forget my problems and the pressures of life. I play on Laurelin and have done so for about 5 yrs now, tho I had a spell on Withywindle for 2 yrs till we all had to move here or Evernight. So I came back here with my 'new' characters to add to my Laurelin team and ended up with 14 characters. It certainly keeps me busy but to be honest I meet very few women nowadays who play on here and I miss the female company. If there are other women here especially on Laurelin can u just say hi and it would be nice to see other ladies here..



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