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Thread: Girl Gamers

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    Hello all! Another female gamer checking in, hadn't seen this thread before because I usually play on Dwarrowdelf. Anyway, I've been playing LOTRO for a year and a half, I have a mix of male and female toons levels 7-85, and I have experienced the freebies for no good reason other than my toon's gender, as well as the creepers hitting on me (without even asking if I was a girl irl).

    Anyway, I've been told that there are no RL female wardens, but I'm a girl, I play a girl warden, and I LOVE IT. I haven't played any MMOs before this one, I chose it because it's LOTR and I couldn't resist the chance to hang out in Middle Earth!

    See you ladies in the game

    (PS: My Elendilmir noobs are on the lookout for a kinship, so I'm open to suggestions . Not an all-girl kinship necessarily, though that would be cool, but anywhere that accepts mature casual gamers/crafters and is fun to hang out with.)
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