We are whittling away the regions of Eriador - some of which are very on-theme for the time of year (at least here in the US North East). Fan-favourite Enedwaith took the win last time by a huge margin. With it out of the way, maybe Trollshaws can have its time in the autumnal sun? It's up to you all to vote on which is our next region to explore!

Above this post is a poll. Please take a moment to vote on the region we'll be walking through!

What is this stream?
It's a leisurely behind-the-scenes stroll through a section of Middle-earth wherein I'll talk about the area we are in, the design process behind it (and in general), and muse about what it takes to make landscape. As with every stream in this series, this is a World-design focused stream. I won't be answering questions related to topics outside of my area of influence.

Where is this stream?
LOTROStream on Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/lotrostream)

When is this stream?
We are currently planning this to happen on September 15th at 2PM EST. Please keep an eye out for the official announcement!