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  1. Add a Hotkey Button for the New Alerts System

    I have mixed feelings about the new alerts. I think condensing a lot of different alert buttons into one is an okay idea, but I'd like to be able to hit a key on my keyboard instead of wandering over...
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    Character Stuck after "Lost Connection"

    So about two days ago, I was trying to craft in Michel Delving on my hobbit burglar, Eillian. During crafting (and subsequent re-logging), I lost connection to the server several times. I could go on...
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    Totally Uncalled For

    I'll be honest: I have pre-ordered and enjoyed the last two expansions. However, after being invited to and partaking in open beta for the last expansion and seeing many bugs NOT resolved by the time...
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    Invisible Light Leggings of the Wold

    On my dwarf rune-keeper (he seems to be finding all the problems these days), when I equip the Light Leggings of the Wold cosmetic to my war-steed, they appear as invisible (aka they don't appear at...
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    I have no toggle skills selected or active...

    I have no toggle skills selected or active (frankly I hate them because they drain power), I don't even have any that I CAN use; I checked. There is no reason it should be draining which is why it's...
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    In-Combat Power Regen

    I had no problems in beta or in live with my Hunter and his war-steed's power during mounted combat, which for me, at least, is very skills-heavy. However, now that my Rune-keeper has reached Eastern...
  7. A Fair Solution to War-Steed Coat and Colour Prices

    While I have seen many threads and posts about the ridiculous prices of the war-steed coat colour packs, I have yet to see anyone providing possible solutions other than the over-used, frustratingly...
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