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  1. Re: Freeps/Creeps Band togather for Moors NPCs respctin Us!

    instead of what rank you are it determines how you're treated by all npc's it would need to be what rank YOU are AND what rank the NPC is determines the respect in conversation.
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    Re: Where are the flying mounts?

    I don't need to write an explanation on why OP's post is fail so I'll just say this:
    WTB stickied notice saying flying mounts will never happen :3
  3. Re: Please *increase* the aggro radius throughout the world (sorry if duplicate threa

    I pretty much agree, but hear me out. People are shooting down OP's idea because they'd QQ if they have to spend longer on the quests, so lets do THIS turbine:

    *Increase aggro radius

    *clump up...
  4. Re: Hobbit's should be able to be Lore-Masters!

    ANNNNnnnd /endthread

    lulz. Speaking of lore appropriateness RK's should be removed completely -_- give the middle finger to anyone who QQ's
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    Re: Lifetime/Founder only items

    But founders took the risk and showed devotion to the idea of LOTRO thus we want Turbine to through us a few cookies that can't be obtained by other people. Not much, but so far the only 2 benefits I...
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    Sticky: Re: ABC Songbook

    I'm requesting "All the Way Turnt Up"
    The SECOND one on the list is the version I would like in ABC notation. Don't include the little intro babble in the first 12 seconds

    I'm thinking a multi...
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    Re: Requests Thread (ABC files)

    I'm requesting "All the Way Turnt Up" http://www.playlist.com/searchbeta/tracks#all%20the%20way%20turnt%20up/all/1
    The second one on the list is the version I would like in ABC notation.

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