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    Interesting idea

    A very interesting suggestion on another way to sort through the wardrobe.
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    More Wardrobe management options

    I would like the wardrobe be organized more like other storage so that a player could manage their wardrobe to their preferences. Personally, I'd like an option that allowed a player to sort by all...
  3. A question about Westemnet Emeralds

    So why are Westemnet emeralds red instead of green? Seems a bit obvious that they should be green. The only green stone we have so far is the green garnet. Did we really need another red stone?
  4. Wardrobe storage suggestion

    I would like to see changes in the wardrobe storage. I would like more freedom to organize my charcter's clothing options as I want, and not have items slotted in storage simply by type or...
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    I've submitted quite a few trouble tickets about...

    I've submitted quite a few trouble tickets about the crashes. Today, the game keeps crashing about every 15 minutes, and it doesn't matter where I'm at on the map. This has got to be fixed soon as...
  6. travel rations?

    Can't seem to find any travel rations in HD. Have they been done away with? Does this mean that hunter's don't need them when they port?
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    Why does it take so long to get help?

    One of my kin hasn't been able to log in for one over a week. He submitted a ticket re the Mac client and log in issues, and no one from Trich support has even contacted him. Only the billing and...
  8. Thread: Yule Items

    by Diemao

    Yule Items

    Are there any plans to bring back yule trees? My friends have them, but I never had a chance to get one. A nice snow covered tree would be lovely. Also what about adding a yule doormat??? There is...
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    Thanks from the whole family!

    We all love the new mac client, and aren't having any problems at all with it...once we got it installed. We are having less problems than we did using windows. THANK YOU!
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